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Shoe Horn

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Serious shoe lovers find shoe horns of utmost importance. The first and foremost benefit of a shoe horn is that it makes it easy to put on your shoes. Another benefit is that it safeguards the delicate shoe counters. When you use your hands to put on your shoes, there is always a risk of damaging the counters. The most important part to remember is though every shoe horn provides the same benefit, every shoe horn is not created equal. Tresmode offers handcrafted shoe horns that are quite a masterpiece. You can buy the shoe horns online from Tresmode in just a few clicks.

Now, you may wonder, “Do I need to splurge in a shoe horn?” Well, the answer is it would be a wise decision to, because a simple shoe horn works wonders in enhancing the life of your beloved shoes. Plus, if not abused, shoe horns are virtually impossible to crack, tear, or break. In fact, if properly cared for, shoe horns can be passed down for generations.

Best shoe horns at Tresmode are handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy, meaning every piece is unique from the other and may include slight color variations. Each shoe horn is masterfully cut and formed. Then sanded and ultimately polished with great care. You can buy a variety of shoe hornsat online stores, but the ones at Tresmode are carefully crafted with utmost precision in varying sizes of small and large. To serve to your refined tastes, some are even embellished with a lion handle. The handles are completed with a small band that makes the shoe horn easy to hang it up for storage.