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When you buy an expensive pair of dress shoes, you want it to be a part of your shoe collection for years together. Hence, it is crucial that you provide proper care and maintenance to the shoes. One easy and fruitful way to do it is by investing in a premium-quality shoe tree.

Shoe trees have been utilized since many centuries. The wooden shoe inserts help in keeping shoes in amazing shape even as they age. When our feet sweat, shoe lining absorbs in all the moisture. This is turn causes the lining to rot and the shoes to stink. Eventually, even the leather will crack. All this will only ruin your footwear. However, if a shoe tree is used, the shoe returns to its natural shape and the shoe lining dries out, so it does not rot.

Though it would be ideal to have a shoe tree in every pair of shoes you own, it is not necessary for all shoe types, such as sneakers. But shoe trees for boots and dress shoes would be a compulsion. Also, it is necessary to rotate your shoes and shoe trees throughout the week.

Generally, an hour or two after you've removed your shoes from your feet is the best time to insert a shoe tree in. This way the shoe stays in its natural shape and odor too is under control.

You may come across shoe trees made from different kinds of wood, such as cedar wood shoe trees. The cedar shoe trees are often considered the best option as cedar is known to draw out moisture very quickly. You can check out the superb collection of shoe trees for men at Tresmode and buy the shoe trees online to help protect your shoes.