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It’s fun to wear a casual outfit when the sun hasn’t set and you wish to step out for a quick walk. Or in the case you are visiting a neighborhood friend, or planning a boys’ night out. Team your informal wear with matching casual shoes from Tresmode; buy these men’s footwear today.
Read below for the different types of casual shoes available, or browse our entire collection here.

Type 1:
The Posare is a type of slip-on with perfect grip. With an allover needle-like perforations, the slip-on can be worn all-day long and without any discomfort. It has a grommeted outsole made of TPR. These are available in Blue and Tan.
Match these up with linen trousers and sandals, and solid shirts.
If you want a little larger perforations and darker shades (Black and Blue) then you can try The Ozio.

Type 2:
Sneakers are a fading trend, inasmuch as to wearing for utility and not fashion. They are losing the race with other smart casual. Wear The Vago for versatility and style, and bring back the sneakers culture.
The Vago is available in Black and Blue, and can be worn with joggers or super skinny jeans (or even pants folded at base).

Type 3:
This is similar in style with Type 1 with respect to the allover perforations and the gripped soles. The only difference is the prolonged vamp that is stitched to the shoe’s quarter. These are available in Black and Blue.