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You don’t need to make any excuses to wear your favorite Oxford shoes. But of course, they may not match well with most outfits in your formal wardrobe.
Below we have mentioned the different types of shoes available in men’s formal wear, and enclosed there a fashion tip on how to identify them (or outfits that go well with them).
If you like the shoes, do remember to browse our entire catalog of formal shoes here online.

Type 1:
The double monk strapped shoes are in vogue today. You can try our varied collection of the double-monks available in different colors and subtle styles.
The Madera is our top of the line collection that features double-stitch seams and an elongated toe cap. It has a defined personality to go with semi-formal or formal slim pants and shirts. If you are going to a formal event such as a wedding, you can finish the overall look with a contrast color vest. These shoes are available in Brown and Black.

Type 2:
Derby shoes are the one not to be confused with Oxfords. The cheat sheet is to remember that the facing and quarter of the Derby shoe are present above the vamp forming open laces. In Oxfords, the two patches are present below the vamp forming closed laces.
The below image is a dashing pair of Derby shoes in Brown, it’s called The Bison. These have narrow curved toe cap that give it a fashionable look. The other color option in this is Black.

Type 3:
The Nesco Black are Oxford type of shoes, known as Full Oxford because of the wingtip pattern at the front and perforations on all sides.
Both Oxfords and Derbies can be worn with suits and trousers that contour to the shape of your legs.

Type 4:
This one is for the occasional celebratory or uplifting setting. The Riscoto Black is a pair of tasseled loafers with a glossy finish. If you are wearing these, put on a matted or faded (or even light) color outfit, or in other words, something that doesn’t outshine the shoe – for it to sparkle.
If you prefer semi-patterned shoes in glossy, you can try the Bepatslip Black; unlike the above pair, these come without the tassels

Type 5:
If you like the patterned shoes above, you can try the dual textured The Dolio in Brown. Also available in Black, these shoes have a Derby style.