Product Care

SHOES TRESMODE uses only top quality materials to produce our merchandise. Slight marks and colour variations should not be considered as a fault, but inherent characteristics of the product. We encourage shoppers to adopt the following care tips in order to maintain the appearance and prolong the lifespan of all Tresmode products. Different types of materials require different types of care, so we made this handy guide for keeping your shoes clean and looking their best. Leather shoes Brush off dirt and debris with a soft cloth or brush. Consider doing this every time after wearing your shoes. This will make it easier to buff and polish them later. Dirt and dust can also be removed before cleaning with a natural shoe polish. Remove the laces from your shoes to prevent getting water or polish on them. ANTIQUE leather should be handled with greater care. Follow up by buffing the shoes to a brilliant shine with a soft cotton flannel cloth.Suede shoes A delicate material that will need care and attention, especially if they get wet! Let them dry out naturally, then brush with a crepe suede brush. This is a good idea for dirt on the surface. Suede is very sensitive to water, so basic dirt and scuffs are best dealt with when the shoes are dry. Where possible we have already treated them with a protector but additional care will be needed form you especially on light colors. Fabric shoesTry to remove dirt and dust them clean with a rubber brush or foam fabric cleaner. Decorated shoes Do take extra care with shoes that are embellished with crystals, beads or other types of decorative items. Mishandling may result in loss, damage or dislocation of the decorative items. Never place your wet shoes to dry near artificial heat or directly under immense heat. It is best to leave them out to dry naturally or the soles could wear off easily. Heels Heel tips are a replaceable part of the shoes. They will wear down and occasionally they can come off. They should be replaced by a good shoe repairer, whom we may be able to recommend, before they wear down to the heel. For the thinner heel we are pleased to give you some spare heel tips to help you. Thinner heels need more care in wear. Driving and cracks in pavements can weaken and damage them.BAGS AND ACCESSORIES Although often made of the same materials as shoes, products such as handbags, require minimum care. Dirt can usually be wiped off with a clean, slightly moist cloth. Crocking can be minimized by rubbing any new suede bag or accessory vigorously with a terry towel. When storing your accessories, they should not be allowed to come into contact with one another, as some finishes may stick together. The best wrap for all kinds of accessories is tissue paper and not plastic bags. Avoid storing in extremes of heat, humidity, dryness or cold. If repairs are necessary, have them done immediately to avoid further damage to the accessories.