Rose Gold Gladiator Sandals for Women


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Style Id : 203-Romai

Step up your style game with The Romai Rose Gold gladiator sandals for women. With a matte finish and chic classic shades, these gladiators can lift the look for any outfit and are your true knights in shining armour. The gladiator sandals we know today were originally modelled after the elaborate footwear worn by kings and queens in Egypt. Popularised by the infamously charming Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, up to the seventies, gladiator sandals were known as The Cleopatra. The superior quality synthetic upper and a sturdy and comfortable wedge heel make The Romai Rose Gold a must-have this season! Style Tip- Pair these sandals with skirts, jeans or pants. For a super chic look, pair the Romai Rose Gold sandals with high-waist pants and a formal top.

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