The Pilot20 Silver

Rs. 32,000

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Carrying your luggage won't be a huge task with The Pilot20 Silver. This bag has an outer material of aluminium and it has TSA integrated locks which makes this bag extremely durable to keep your belongings safe. The zips are made out of great quality. So, you can be rest assured about the zip opening up easily. There are also different partitions to keep your items separately. The wheels have a 360-degree rotation feature which makes it comfortable to take the bag as you can simply drag it. This bag also has a kit for toiletries. Over time, every aluminium suitcase acquires a patina (scratches,dents) of its own. These are the scratches and dents that augment the memories of trips taken. You will surely have a bag full of memories when you come back from your next trip and what better than having the Pilot20 Silver to keep your luggage safe!


Style Id: 219-PILOT20

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