How to style heels for casual every day wear?

How to style heels for casual every day wear?

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In general, several women are of the opinion that certain types of footwear are meant for certain occasions. For instance, you would wear heels with dress pants for work or for a party, but you might not consider wearing them for when you are planning to go on a movie night with your family.

Casual heels for jeans, anyone?

When you think of heels, you tend to think of a shoe that is stylish by nature; you would wear it for office or a party, but rarely casually. However, the fact is that heels are extremely feminine and they can make you feel glamorous with little to no effort. While heels have been used most often for formal and professional occasions, there is no reason why you can’t wear heels with jeans, skirts, dresses and more! 

Although, there is no rocket science to wearing heels casually, keep a few points in mind to ensure that you look great, every time! 

Start by considering the occasion! Yes, even when it's a casual setting, you need to think because you wouldn’t want to go to a beach party wearing stilettos! However, if it’s a casual Sunday brunch with your girls, you can more than definitely wear heels. 

According to research and as per the normal rules, the thinner and longer the heel, the more formal it is meant to be; so, when you are thinking about how to style heels for a casual occasion, you should consider something like a wedge or platform heel or perhaps smaller heels, such as kitten heel sandals. Similarly, closed pointy shoes are considered more formal, which is why you can look at open shoe types.

The 5 ways to do it right - how to wear heels casually!

1. Choose the right colours – Whether you are going for a casual or casual chic or completely formal look, the colour of your footwear has a role to play. Opting for neutral colours will ensure that the heels blend in effortlessly with your look; so, when you pick a nude or cream colour, it will work really well by blending in with your skin, especially when you are wearing a simple outfit, such as a skirt or a dress.

2. Pick the more casual style – Normally, pencil heels or other types of heels are generally considered formal; however, the block, wedge or platform heels are all seen as more easy going and laid back. When you pick these styles, you are automatically choosing something that is a little more informal, making them the perfect choice to team with a pretty dress or even with cropped jeans! 

3. Make a statement – Alternately, you can choose to create a statement and go with something really bold and vibrant. For instance, if you are wearing a simple white dress, highlight your look, by adding patterned heels, which will capture all the attention. From prints and patterns to pulsating colours, at Tresmode, you will find so much to pick and choose from.

4. Simplicity is classy – In case you are getting confused, stick to the simple, because that is the classiest – a pair of black kitten heels or tan platform heels will work well with pretty much anything you wear. In order to tone down the very formal vibe, you can look for patterns, prints, or even fabrics. Cork heels or a touch of fabric on your shoes, will give it that laid back vibe, which is what you need for your perfectly casual look.

5. Hide the heel – When you are looking to wear heels more casually, you need to make sure that you take the attention away from them, just a tad bit and well, hiding them is a good way to do that! Whether you choose to wear a long flowy skirt or flared pants or even bootcut jeans, choose a length that takes the focus away from the heels. This would actually be a really good way to understand how to wear heels with jeans!

The best heels for jeans, skirts, dresses, and more!

So, we browsed through our extensive collection of the most gorgeous heels for women that we have at Tresmode, and we have chosen the top  must-have casual heels for jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, and more!

The Tometeor Champagne Women's Dress Wedge Sandals 

These champagne coloured wedge heels are the perfect combination of almost nude and almost party! Whether you wear them with a short dress or a long flowy pair of palazzos, comfort and style are guaranteed. Team them with a golden and black polka-dotted top and blue denim jeans.

The Tometeor Champagne Women's Wedge Sandals

The Imulate Blue Women's Dress Block Heel Sandals 

These ready to slip on heels have an interesting pattern, which will capture just the right amount of attention, without being too formal. Team with a monochromatic outfit to add some drama or pair it with a pastel blue dress to keep it simple.

The Imulate Blue Women's Block Heel Sandals

The Boem White Women's Dress Block Heel Sandals 

These are a go-to style because the white colour will go well with so many outfits and the detailing is simple enough to look just the right amount of casual. The heel is sturdy and stylish, both. For a Friday at work, enhance your semi-casual look by pairing these sandals with a white top and black palazzos.

The Boem White Women's Dress Block Heel Sandals


The Hanger Camel Women's Dress Pumps 

Remember when we spoke about having some nude or skin-coloured basic heels that will allow you to keep things simple? Well, this pair will work just fine for those occasions and they will work well with a range of outfits too! Pair The Hanger Camel pumps with a beige and black vertical-striped dress for a casual outing.

The Hanger Camel Women's Dress Pumps


The Seel Black Women's Dress Block Heel Sandals 

Having a good pair of simple black heels in your collection is not just a great idea but also an essential, as black complements every outfit and we suggest this minimal yet stylish pair for your casual needs. These will work just as well with a pair of jeans & t-shirt, as they will with a floral dress. For a shopping day out, team these sandals with a little black dress and some accessories.

The Seel Black Women's Dress Block Heel Sandals


Now that you know how to wear heels casually and what styles you should invest in immediately, get your super casual fashion game on point. Flaunt your style and start new trends with a little help from Tresmode!