How to style women’s boots in the summer season

How to style women’s boots in the summer season

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Are you worried about how to style your boots this summer? Well, your boots are pretty much your best-friends during the winter season, because they offer protection to your feet and also a sense of warmth. However, what happens when the summer season starts is that, if you belong to the category of people who store their boots away during the summers, then it's time to get them out! At Tresmode, we believe that our footwear is for everyone and for every season. This means that you can use the boots that you have picked from our store, and wear them even during the summers.

5 interesting ways to style boots for women in the summers!

It is certain that during the summer season, you will not want to use any of your boots with thick lining inside, but regular boots can be used throughout the year and here are just some ideas on how you can style them - 

With jeans – No matter what the weather is outside, there is one piece of clothing that most women do not let go of. It has to be their favourite pair of well-fitted jeans. Whether you like skinny jeans or the bootcut type, boots will go well with all of them, just the type of boots might bring a bit of change to your overall look! So, if you are wearing skinny jeans, consider long boots for women, which reach till your calves, while allowing you the chance to tuck the jeans into the boots. However, if you are planning on wearing your bootcut jeans, then ankle-length boots will be a better choice. 

With trousers – If you need a slightly formal look, and you need to wear your trousers, stash your boots away, because you can still use them with style! For those casual Fridays at the workplace, you can most certainly consider to pair your outfits with boots – the flared trousers will work really well with simple ankle-length high boots. To be honest, for a formal space, we shall suggest that you stick to very simple boots; something like our Paris Camel women’s ankle-length boots, which are simple yet stylish. 

With shorts – Summers are often the time when your favourite pair of shorts get noticed in the wardrobe, and if you are someone who loves wearing shorts, then this style hack is for you! You can either choose a pair of  long boots or ankle-length boots, because both will look good when styled with shorts. A vibrant t-shirt with shorts and a stylish pair of ankle-length boots or a tank top with a jacket, and long boots – either way, you can be sure that you will definitely look great! 

With dresses – Let your free spirit come alive by teaming our stylish boots for women with your dresses! Here are some ideas on how you can style your dresses with boots easily – if you have a short summer floral dress, then you can look at something like the Forcay beige women's boots, which will help you create that statement look. Now, in case you are planning to wear a longer dress, perhaps something with a slit, then you can consider ankle-length boots. Match the colour of your boots with your outfit or choose to go for a complete contrast, it is your choice. 

With skirts – Just like with dresses, you can style boots with skirts, too. Whether you are picking a flared skirt or a straight fit one, whether it’s a long skirt or a short one, boots will go well with all of them. If you want to create that edgy look, then skirts and boots are the way to go. Our Forcay black women's boots or the White beige women's knee-length boots are really good styles for you to choose from.

How To Care Of Boots For Women In Summer

If you want your boots to last you for a really long time, then you need to invest some extra time to take good care of them. Although, the care has to be all year-round, during the summer months, you might have to spend a little more time.

  • During the summers, your feet can sweat, which is why it is important that you wear cotton socks inside the boots, to ensure the sweat does not damage the material. 
  • When you are done wearing the boots, remove them with care and use a soft cloth to wipe off all the dust. Use the same soft cloth to clean the insides of the boots as well. 
  • Leave the boots out in an open space, where they can air dry easily – you can place them on the balcony or terrace, but remember to keep them away from direct sunlight. 
  • When not in use, keep the boots stored in a cool, dark place. You can add some cotton or tissues into the boots, to retain the shape and ensure no moisture enters the boots. 
  • You can invest in polish or similar cleaning products to retain the shine and quality of the material. This will ensure that your boots remain intact and look super new!


At Tresmode, we bring to you a range of classy and modish casual and formal boots for women, which are great for all year-round. As long as you are ready to experiment with your look, there is a pair of boots that will work just right. Whether you want something simple and elegant or something that is versatile or sophisticated; whether you are looking for high-heeled boots for women or something that has no heel at all, we have all the options for you. From colours to sizes, Tresmode caters to the footwear needs of every fashion-forward woman and man!