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Must-have Loafers for men

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Loafers for men are the ultimate piece in men's fashion. Loafers were earlier known as slip-on shoes for men and were a popular choice of casual footwear for men in the early 1900s. Loafers were introduced by a prominent footwear brand in London just before the first world war. While back then, loafers for men were strictly casual shoes, now loafers are so versatile that they fit in every aspect of your life because of the smart casual trend.

When styled well, loafers can really transform your look and make you go from drab to fab in no time! Loafers for men were viewed as casual slip on shoes for a long time, however lately, loafers are not only an acceptable formal footwear but also a really dapper one! In fact some of our favourite celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Timothee Chalamet have taken the loafers’ status up a notch by wearing them to red carpets! The choices and styles of loafers can seem overwhelming but styling them isn’t. A good pair of loafers can be worn to the office, to a dinner party and a brunch by the sea! 

Check out the hottest pairs of loafers this season! These mens loafer shoes are an absolute necessity.

A pair of driving loafers:


The Genova driving loafers

Trada Black driving loafers for men

Driving loafers for men are the perfect amalgamation of fashion and functionality. The sturdy sole equipped with rubber nubs that extend to the heel make driving in city traffic or long distances much easier on your feet. These rubber nubs help you with a better grip while shifting gears and also protect the upper leather of your loafers from excessive wear and tear.

The Peru blue driving loafers


Handwoven leather loafers for men:

Handwoven leather loafers are the conquerors of the loafer world! This intricate woven pattern takes an artisan an entire day to craft. A pair of handwoven loafer shoes can really change the look of any outfit you choose.

The Noaki Black

Monk style leather loafers:

The Venezia Blue

Monk style leather loafers can effortlessly replace dress shoes! These loafers for men are the ideal segue between formal and smart casual footwear.

Detailed leather loafers:

The Neroli Blue

Detailed leather loafers are all you need for an up-to-date party wardrobe. With the right amount of panache and style, these loafers for men are sure to make heads turn!

Nino blue tassel loafers for men


Pro Tip:

Can I Wear Loafers With jeans?
When you’re wearing denims, style some of the more casual loafers with them! We think a pair of chill driving loafers pair perfectly with a pair of jeans! Classic blue jeans are so effortlessly dashing and equally simple to dress. 
Can I Wear Loafers With shorts?
Loafers and shorts are a perfect combination for a great summer look! Wearing dashing loafer styles like tassel loafers or suede loafers with a pair of tailored shorts can really elevate your look.
Can I Wear Loafers With With chinos?
Loafers and chinos are best friends! One complements and the other and how! Perfect for brunches and day dates in the winter and night life in the summer, you can never go wrong with pairing your loafers with a pair of solid chinos!
Can I Wear Loafers With Suits?
Probably the coolest thing ever and our favourite way to style loafers, with a suit! Absolutely unconventional and dashing, penny loafers and tassel loafers look so good with suits! 
What Type Of Socks Do I Wear With Loafers?
One of the biggest questions men have when it comes to loafers is; which socks to wear with loafers? Answer is easy, ideally you do not want your socks to be visible out of the loafers, hence go for peds or no-show socks and you’re sorted! Experts say that in the summer you can even go sockless while wearing chinos or shorts with your loafers.
Colour Coordination For Loafers?
Can I wear black loafers with blue jeans? Can I wear black loafers with black pants? We’re here to answer all those questions. Your blue bottoms like jeans, chinos or trousers look great with tan loafers, black loafers and sometimes even navy loafers. Grey is a colour trickier to match but looks good with tan, brown or black loafers. Black pants look absolutely dapper with navy, burgundy or dark green loafers but you can also go classic and pair them with black or brown loafers. Khaki pants like chinos go well with most colours except black.