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The It List!

It was Yves Saint Laurent who once said, “Fashion fades; style is eternal.” And doesn’t that stand true, especially today. Just like our lives, fashion changes its hues as trends change with seasons. To dress sharp and keep your wardrobe up-to-date it’s vital to invest in statement fashion shoes style that’ll never go out of style. No matter the fluxes in fashion and what time of the year we’re in, certain pieces in men’s wardrobe remain classic and timeless. What we mean is, as trends get in and out, certain pieces remain forever. Pair of loafers in classic black or tan; or brown hand woven loafers is always dashing. After all, classic leather loafers are a fundamental part of a well-dressed man’s closet.

These carefully picked pieces of men’s footwear will help you stay on top of the game not just this season but also for the ones to come!  These stylish shoes for men are sure to keep your style on point for every event, engagement and occasion you’ve got planned.

The Sobhach Brown

Hand woven leather loafers are the epitome of luxury and style! These loafers are so intricately designed and made that it takes a whole day to craft them. Our Sobaach brown leather loafers for men feature a solid tassel upper along with a hand woven pattern. These brown mens loafer shoes are perfect for special occasions and the weekends but can also be styled with your work wear outfits.

The Sobaa Black

Classic black loafers for men are a basic necessity. The Sobaa black horse-bit loafers for men are designed in the Tuscan shoe district and handcrafted in Italian leather. Loafers no longer just mean casual or weekend wear and our classic black leather loafers are proof. With their ability to effortlessly go with every outfit in your wardrobe, our black leather loafers are an investment.

The Gothenburg Tan

You cannot go wrong with The Gothenburg tan leather loafers for men. This pair of penny loafers is so suave and classy, you're bound to make some heads turn! Featuring the classic penny detail and handcrafted in shaded Italian leather, our tan loafers for men can't be missed. When paired with a grey suit or light solid chinos and a crisp shirt, these leather loafers are sure to raise your style quotient through the roof.

The Reptile Wine

Nothing says dapper like our pair of croc stamped leather loafers for men. The Reptile wine textured loafers for men will change the way you dress for the evening. These textured leather loafers contain the power to elevate the look of your entire outfit in no time! With not much effort you can go from drab to fab with our wine croc stamped loafers for men.

The Helsinborg Tan

Say what you want and say it in style with The Hellsinborg tan leather loafers for men. The patina effect on the toes of these tan leather loafers is for an added touch of panache to the already classy pair! Tan leather loafers are a quintessential part of your wardrobe. Tan loafers can be styled with almost all the outfits in your wardrobe. They're especially charming when paired with beige, cream, grey or charcoal bottoms.

The Suchi Brown

A pair of resilient dark brown leather loafers for men is a must-have in your everyday wardrobe. The Suchi brown leather loafers for men are fundamental and so durable, they'll stick with you for times to come. These leather loafers are super versatile and can be styled with your entire wardrobe. Whether it is a day at the office or a weekend getaway, these leather loafers have got you covered.

The Rottervam Navy

Driving loafers for men are redefining both, fashion and functionality. With our Rottervam navy leather driving loafers for men, you no longer have to choose between style and convenience. The slick Italian leather upper when coupled with a sturdy TPR sole with nubs that extend to the heel, provides you with a complete experience of luxury and comfort.

Having this “It list”- as we like to call it, in your wardrobe, makes dressing well fun and effortless for men!