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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Leather Loafers

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Are you planning to transform your style and raise the bar of your fashion game? Well, we are here to end your search for those perfect loafer shoes. This is your chance to discover the latest trends and get that pair of modern shoes! From loafers with tassels to driving loafers, it can get confusing to decide which loafers to pick, but we are here to help you sort this out. When it comes to loafers, there are many options for you to select from. We have mentioned the ultimate tips for you to choose the best leather shoes for men.

Key points to remember while buying different types of leather shoes

Here are some important points that you need to keep in mind and consider while selecting a pair of leather loafers –

Take the event into consideration

Are you looking for new loafers for your office or an upcoming weekend getaway? Whether it is a formal event or a casual outing, make sure that you keep the event in mind while choosing the shoes. For a weekend getaway, you can opt for casual driving loafer shoes. For a boardroom meeting, opt for sophisticated loafers.

Check the material

From genuine to faux leather, loafers are available in different types of material. In order to check which material shoes make you feel comfortable, check the material correctly. Genuine leather is soft and durable. On the other hand, faux leather is supple and environmentally conscious.

Select the size correctly

For your reference, we have a size chart next to the styles. It has a guide that mentions the UK and EU sizes along with the centimeters to make it convenient for you to select the size correctly. Check your size properly and select it according to your preference to ensure you are comfortable enough to wear them all day long.

Types of Leather Shoes

Let’s decode the different types of leather shoes for men. With the help of this guide, you can select your go-to style of loafers. 

Driving Loafers

Ideal for an everyday look, driving loafers come with a TPR sole and rubber nubs to offer a good grip while driving. Our Argon tan is one such style that you should definitely get for yourself. These loafers are crafted in premium leather and have a modern design.

The Argon Tan Loafers

Our Argon tan men’s leather loafers will elevate your sense of style. Featuring a croc-embossed pattern and crafted in premium leather, these comfortable loafer shoes are ideal for a semi-casual and casual look. For a weekend getaway, pair them with a maroon t-shirt and blue denims.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are classic and elegant. They have been a popular choice among most men for adding a style quotient to the formal ensemble. If you are looking for a pair of penny loafers, our Quebec brown is here for you.

The Quebec Brown Loafers

Meet our Quebec brown penny loafers for men. Blending style and elegance, these shoes are a must-have for a sophisticated look. Flaunt your formal style by pairing these shoes with a brown shirt and beige trousers.

Classic Loafers

If you are confused about which loafers to choose, then pick a pair of classic loafers for yourself. From different types of leather shoes, these loafers are the most loved style. Our Obama black loafers for men are an ideal choice.

The Obama Black Loafers

Made for modern men, the Obama black loafers will transform your overall style. These classic loafers feature a modern design, a metal embellishment, and have a glossy finish. Stand out from the crowd by pairing them with a white tailored shirt and black trousers.

Tassel Loafers

Featuring tassels on the top, these loafers will add an extra-ordinary touch to your entire look. These loafers are popular for a crisp corporate look. Make a bold statement with our Mancio blue leather loafers for men.

The Mancio Blue  Loafers

Introducing our Mancio blue men’s loafers. Designed to add a luxurious touch to your look, these premium handcrafted Italian leather loafers will be the best shoes that you will ever get for yourself! For a formal meeting, pair these shoes with a powder blue shirt and black trousers.


In the ever-evolving footwear fashion industry, a pair of leather loafers is the most timeless investment you can ever make. Be it a formal event, a party night, or a casual day out, let Tresmode help you ace every look. 

Stay updated with the latest trends by upgrading your collection with our shoes. Don’t forget to check out our sneakers and flats for men. Balancing fashion and comfort, our footwear collection spoils you with choices!