The It List! - Tresmode

The It List!

It was Yves Saint Laurent who once said, “Fashion fades; style is eternal.” And doesn’t that stand true, especially today. Just like our lives, fas...

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Back to Work Style - Tresmode

Back to Work Style

Most of us have been working from home for more than a year now. Getting back to the office after a significant amount of time can feel a little st...

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Ace Smart Casual Style! - Tresmode

Ace Smart Casual Style!

Smart casual dressing is an amalgamation of sensible dressing glossed with casual and playful elements of relaxed style. Regardless of the ambiguit...

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Must-have Loafers for men - Tresmode

Must-have Loafers for men

Loafers for men are the ultimate piece in men's fashion. Loafers were earlier known as slip-on shoes for men and were a popular choice of casual fo...

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How to Style your Loafers - Tresmode

How to Style your Loafers

Whether it is a busy day at work, a Saturday night out or a weekend getaway with the gang, loafers are classic, timeless elements in men’s styl...

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Ace the sneakers trend! - Tresmode

Ace the sneakers trend!

It’s summer and we’re absolutely loving the vibe brought on by latest trends. One of our favourites and a trend that’s here to stay is: sneakers! N...

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A Winter Sneaker Fever - Tresmode

A Winter Sneaker Fever

Oh-so-comfortable, chic and bang-on-on trend, you have every reason to fall in love with our newest collection of sneakers! Multitasking like a pro...

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