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Let Your Shoes do the Talking!

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As we all know that life is too short! So, make the most of your time and explore your go-to footwear style. Your style can be anything from wearing minimal kinds of shoes to the ones with a glossy finish.

Don’t just copy paste someone else’s style to fit in, because why try to fit in when you can stand out? Our latest styles are here to help you transform your style by making it cool, trendy and comfortable.

We offer the latest trending shoes for men and women. If you don’t believe us, check out the styles mentioned below.

The Tresuce Pink

Set a style statement even if you don’t intend to! The Tresuce pink is a stunning pair for on-the-go. These gorgeous women’s ballerinas are vegan friendly and provide a comfortable fit. Pair these stylish shoes with a pink dress and look graceful.


The Eptile Wine

Looking sophisticated never seemed this easy, but the Eptile wine has got your back! These wine loafers are for all those who love standing out from the crowd. These men’s loafers can be styled with a white shirt and black trousers.

The Toshine Champagne

Get all set to shine in none other than the Toshine champagne women’s flats. Be it a Saturday party night or a Sunday brunch, these flats will be your great companion. Pair these flats with a shimmer halter neck top and black skirt to look drop-dead gorgeous!


The Clizard Brown

Look sharp at your next meeting in the Clizard brown men’s loafer shoes. Featuring tassels, intricate pattern on both sides and a TPR sole for comfort while walking. Pair these loafers with a white shirt and brown trousers.

The Obu Pink

Seize the day and make the most of it in the Obu pink wedges for women. Featuring criss-cross straps, a comfortable TPR sole and an adjustable strap for the perfect fit. Pair these wedge sandals with a pink ankle-length gown for your next event and look like a Barbie doll.



The Rosnake Wine

If you are someone who loves luxury, but doesn’t want to let comfort take a back seat then the Rosnake wine is the one! These men’s leather loafers are undoubtedly impeccable. Featuring an embossed croc pattern and a dual-tone finish. Style them with a white shirt, wine colour blazer and wine colour trousers for a sophisticated look.


The Timisora Green

Enhance your style by adding the Timisora green women’s ballerinas by your side! This vegan friendly pair will amp up your entire look. These flats are super stylish, comfortable and vegan friendly. Style them with a Timisora green knee-length dress and look gorgeous.


The Apenny Brown

Is it about time to update your footwear fashion game? If yes, then the Apenny brown men’s penny loafers have got your back. Crafted in premium imported leather and featuring a TPR sole to ensure comfort. Style these men’s loafers with a white shirt and black trousers to look spectacular.


The Brasov Black

The Brasov black women’s wedges are the ultimate shoes for a graceful look. If you’re a go-getter, then this pair is for you. You can easily wear it on-the-go and move around with the boss babe vibe. Pair these wedges with a black top and blue bell-bottoms.


The Aford Brown

Get all set for your next event in the Aford brown lace ups. This pair adds a modern touch to the traditional lace ups as it has a dual-tone matte finish. Pair these shoes with a light brown shirt and black chinos.


The Obuck Green

Flats are always a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, aren’t they? The Obuck green won’t disappoint you at all! They tick all the boxes of being remarkable women’s flats. Look elegant by styling this vegan friendly pair with a pastel green floral dress.


The England Tan

Get back to work in style with the England tan loafers by your side. These leather loafers are intricately designed, crafted in imported leather and feature a TPR sole. Pair them with a beige shirt and black chinos.


The Abba Pewter

There’s nothing better than getting yourself the Abba pewter women’s flats. This pair has been designed for a stunning look as it features elegant straps, TPR sole and fits like a glove! Style these flats with a black crop-top and black leather pants for a flawless look.


The Cford Black

Meet the Cford black lace ups for men. These men’s lace up shoes are famous for adding panache. They will give you a timeless look when you walk. Get great compliments for your look by pairing these shoes with a white shirt, black blazer and black trousers.


The Olate Tan

Enhance your casual look by adding these women’s gladiators to your wardrobe. The Olate tan is a pair that is vegan friendly, comfortable and stylish, all at once! Set new trends by pairing these gladiators with a brown knee-length dress and golden hoops.


The Sen Blue

The Sen blue men’s leather loafers are a must-have for a daily fashionable look. Be it a work meeting or a dinner night post work hours, this pair will be your best-friend for all things sassy. Style these loafers with a blue t-shirt and black jeans for a smart casual look.



The Nokiv Blue

Set a fashion statement in the Nokiv blue men’s penny leather loafers. Crafted in Italian leather, this hand-woven pair will give you a luxe feel. Walk into the room and get complimented for your loafer shoes by pairing them with a pastel blue shirt and black trousers.


The Wove New Tan

The Wove New tan is the most aesthetic pair designed for you, without having to compromise on comfort. Let your exceptional tassel loafers speak for themselves. Be the next head-turner by pairing these loafer shoes with colour-blocked chinos and a white shirt.