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Men's Sandals & Flats

Easy styling with classy flats and sandals for men

Through the week, you are busy at work; you are trying to crack those impossible deals and you are negotiating to ensure that your company does well, quarter through quarter. You are dressed in power suits and your feet are encased in formal shoes at all times, which is why, when the weekend comes calling, you will want to ensure that your body, mind and feet are given the chance to be free! 

Welcome to the world of flat sandals for men!

Contrary to popular belief, sandals and flats are actually stylish and trendy footwear, and can be an integral of the footwear collection of men of all ages. If you are shopping at Tresmode, you will have access to some of the finest options. Whether you want something for regular wear or sandals that will go well with ethnic outfits, at our stores, we are sure that you will find everything that you are looking for. 

Although there is a notion that sandals and flats are meant only for casual occasions and certain seasons, such as summers and monsoons, if you choose right, you can use them more often than you would think!

How vast is the world of stylish sandals for men

In case you were thinking that the world of sandals and flats was a small one, you would want to think again! Come to Tresmode and you will get to see that there are so many options to pick and choose from. No matter the occasion, we are confident that there is a pair of flats that will work just right. 

  • Casual wear – Traditionally, flats and sandals are used for casual wear; whether you are heading out for a walk or meeting up with friends, this would be a suitable option. Simple designs and colours are the hallmark of this category. 

  • Formal wear – You can also find sandals that are more suited for formal wear; so, let’s say, you are looking for something that you can wear for a family event or a get together, you can consider the more elegant and sophisticated designs. 

  • Ethnic wear – There is no better option for footwear than sandals and flats, when you are looking to style your ethnic wear. From mojris to juttis and more, there are so many options, even for the menfolk! Whether you are the groom or the best friend of the groom, a fashion statement can be made with ethnic sandals. 

Travel wear – When you are planning to travel, there is nothing better than flats and sandals because they are easy to wear and remove. Moreover, when you are on the beach or walking around local markets, you want something that will allow your feet to breathe and keep them comfortable too.

Points to ponder while picking flats for men

But how do you know which pair of flats or sandals for men will work best for you? If you keep some pointers in mind, it should be easy enough to make the right choice. 

  • Type – You need to remember that the world of flats and sandals is not a small one; there are plenty of designs and patterns that you can choose from. So, you need to start with the types; are you looking for sports sandals or more dressy ones; do you want something that will allow you to walk comfortably for long stretches of time or do you need something that will work well with your ethnic outfits. 

  • Style – There are plenty of styles on offer these days – ones that have a strap, the slip-on kind, the types which have thin straps or ones that come with thick straps. You need to make the choice based on what works best for you and in case you are shopping for a particular occasion, you can take that into consideration too. 

  • Material – Given that there are plenty of materials that are being used to make footwear these days, do remember to pay attention. Leather is easily the best option, but in case you are planning to attend a pool party, you will want something that is waterproof or water resistant.  

  • Size – Having the right size is imperative for the health of your feet – too tight and you might have shoe bites and restricted movement; too loose and your feet might keep slipping out, creating the chances of your tripping. You should make sure that you know your size before making the purchase. 

  • Colour – While black and tan are probably the most popular colours when it comes to men’s footwear, there are other choices on offer. At Tresmode, you will be able to find several colour options, including some snazzy colour combinations too. Pick the ones that capture your fancy! 

Budget – Keeping your budget in mind will also help making the right choice – however, spend on quality and you will not have to spend on quantity!

Style your trendy sandals for men for every occasion

When you are out shopping for stylish sandals for men, you will also want to spend some time figuring out the best ways to style them. And while it might seem like a tough task, a little bit of thought and consideration can make sure that you have the right look, every time! 

  • For a casual outing – Enjoy the comfort of our casual sandals for men, when you are heading out for a walk in the park or a movie with your family. You can wear these flats with jeans, shorts and even track pants! 

  • For a family picnic – Dark sandals will go perfectly with a tee and shorts, which will give you that super casual and fun look that you will want for the family picnic. 

  • For a festive occasion – Whether it is Diwali or a family function, where you are planning to wear a kurta-pajama, it will be our collection of sandals and flats that will come in handy!  

For the workplace – Yes, you can actually use sandals even for the workplace – on casual Fridays, when you are allowed to dress down a little, dress down your footwear too! 


1. Which brand of sandals is most comfortable?

Obviously Tresmode! We bring to you a range of stylish and comfortable trending sandals for men, which are great for a variety of occasions.

2. Can we wear flats to the office?

You can find formal sandals that can be worn to work. Sandals with full coverage can be considered.

3. Is it OK for guys to wear sandals?

Absolutely; at Tresmode, you can find a wide variety of sandals and flats for men. 

4. What is the difference between sandals and flats?

Although there are some differences, the sandals could have straps and tie-ups, while flats could be strapless and slip-on. 

5. Are flat sandals better for your feet?

In general, flats are better for your feet and offer more comfort. 

6. Can a man wear sandals with a suit?

If you are headed for a non-official event, such as a wedding or a get together, you can consider pairing sandals with a suit. This combination has actually become quite popular in the recent past.