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Different Types Of Formal Shoes - Women's Edit

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Get to know the different types of formal shoes for women! Although the world of women’s footwear is an expansive one, and you might actually feel overwhelmed to shop for yourself, there are some ground rules that exist in the fashion world, too. Much of it, you might be able to figure out with some common sense – for instance, you will not wear heels when you are going for a run or you will not wear glittering stone-studded heels when you are headed to an interview. 

This is one of the reasons why there is often a basic categorization of casual and formal footwear. While most shoes can be worn casually, there are some guidelines that the fashion gurus tend to follow when it comes to the types of formal shoes for ladies. There are certain styles, certain materials, and even particular colours that are considered truly formal, and while there is always scope to experiment and play around, the foundation often remains the same.

So, what are formal shoes for women?

In simple terms, any shoes that women can wear for formal occasions, such as going to work, attending official meetings, and perhaps attending formal dinners or other such events, could be categorized as formal shoes. However, the actual world of formal footwear, especially for women, happens to be a huge one! Gaining a basic understanding of the same will allow you to shop in a more informed manner and ensure that you are always dressed perfectly for the occasion.

Here are the different types of formal shoes for ladies

From comfortable pumps to stylish flats, there’s no specific rule for styling shoes formally. However, we have mentioned every style in detail for you to figure out what suits you best. So, here is a lowdown on the 12 most popular styles of formal footwear for women:

Work Pumps – 

The absolute must-haves in any formal wardrobe would have to be the stylish work pumps, which normally have a slightly pointed-toe shape and a heel. These shoes give you an air of simple elegance. Normally, pumps will not have a design or embellishment. Generally, colours like black, beige, and tan are the most popular.  

High-Heel Pumps –

In case, you are looking to add height, then you will want to pick high-heel pumps, which are similar to regular pumps but with a heel that is more than what would be considered average. These types of shoes are a great way to add an aura of authority to your look without having to put in too much effort.

Mary Jane Shoes –

The classic Mary Janes have been around for a while now, and they are perfect for keeping the girly charm alive in formal settings. These shoes are almost a cross between pumps and buckle sandals. They often come with a low heel, making them a perfect pairing with pantsuits as well as flowy dresses, both.

Flat Shoes –

You will also want to invest in some flat formal shoes for women, because not all women are comfortable in heels and not all outfits will work with heels. However, you can find a plethora of flat formal shoes at Tresmode, many of which are great for office and other formal events and occasions.

Stilettos –

There is something sensory about stilettos; the moment you slip into them, your posture will change, there will be an added swag to your walk, and your confidence (especially if you know how to walk well in them) will skyrocket! This is one of the reasons why women love stilettos, especially when they are headed to important meetings, conferences, or job interviews.

Kitten Heels –

These are easily the best heels to wear to work or for those who are not really accustomed to heels, but really want to wear them. The small height allows you to feel the grace of wearing heels without feeling any discomfort as such. Investing in some basic colours such as black, brown, and beige, would be a good addition to your formal shoe collection. 

Block Heel Sandals

If you are someone who likes to wear heels but needs to be on your feet constantly, then you need support for your feet and back. In such situations, a block heel and preferably a sandal version would be a good bet, because the block heel will offer comfort and the sandal style will make sure that your feet don’t slip out. 

Slip-On Flats –

Another good addition to your formal footwear fixtures, the slip-on flats are great for those casual Fridays at the office or when you are planning to meet a client for lunch. These also work well for parties and festive occasions, where you might need to take your footwear off. 

Ballerina Flats –

The ballerina flats are such an underrated pair of formal shoes for women, because most women consider them as casual wear, but choose right, and they will work really well for formal situations like the office and formal meetings, too. These are a good choice for tall women, because they offer a sense of balance to their overall look. 

Loafers –

Our loafer formal shoes for women have become extremely popular because of their practical design and the comfort they offer. Loafers work well with not only formal pants, but you can also wear them with denims to create that semi-formal look. You can, of course, choose plain loafers or ones that have tassels or metal details based on your preference, requirement, and choice. 

Oxfords –

If you are looking for truly formal shoes, then it doesn’t get any better than Oxford black formal shoes for women. The traditional lace-up shoes that are a must-have in any man’s formal wardrobe can be added to women’s wardrobes, too. The lace-up shoes can be worn either without socks or ankle socks to create a slightly edgy look and will work great for western formal wear. 

Ankle Boots –

For those who know how to style it right, even ankle boots can become formal; for instance, ankle boots with tailored pants or a long pencil skirt will look great as office wear or even when you are out meeting friends over a sit-down dinner. Neutral colours such as black, beige, and tan would make a great choice. 


Get ready to meet your most stylish self while you chase your goals and achieve them! Our women’s formal shoes will take you one step closer to your dreams. 

At Tresmode, we cater to your footwear fashion needs, and if you are looking for premium-quality formal footwear for women, then you need to come shop with us!