Find Your Perfect Pair: Types of Shoes for Every Occasion

Find Your Perfect Pair: Types of Shoes for Every Occasion

Our Men’s Footwear Guide

Is it time to transform your style? If yes, then you are in the right place! Whether you are into matching your shoes with your outfit or love to do the colour block technique, it is your choice. Researchers have found that shoes reflect a person’s personality! So, wouldn’t you want to have the best one?

Well, finding that perfect pair of shoes can be a bit tricky because it’s not just about comfort but also about keeping up with the trends. The search can seem never-ending, but don’t worry because we have got you covered!

 Here are different types of shoes that you can wear to a party, at work, or keep it casual for an everyday look. These styles have been designed with precise attention to detail. Our men’s shoes are ready to be your go-to style for different occasions. So, make some space in your wardrobe to add your new favourites. 

If you are confused about which kind of shoes will suit you the best, then we have designed this shoe guide to help you understand better. Driving loafers are more for a casual look, as they feature soles with rubber nubs to offer comfort while driving.

For a formal look, you can opt for lace ups, dress loafers, or double monk shoes. To enhance your look and make it better. There are a lot of types of shoes for different events –

If you are a party person, then our party wear shoes will be ideal for you. You can team them with your party outfit. If you are looking for shoes for your formal look, you can opt for the latest formal shoes from our collection.

There are a lot of options for you to choose from, including different types of formal shoes and casual shoes. There are many types of casual shoes such as flats, casual loafers and sneakers for men. You can experiment with your look with our men’s footwear collection.

Types of Shoes at Tresmode

From lace ups to loafers, we offer all different types of shoes. These styles will elevate your fashion game without letting you compromise on the comfort factor.

 If you want to keep a casual look, opt for shoes without lace. If you are planning to dress up for a clubbing night, then choose shoes for a party. We also have different types of casual shoes for your everyday style.

For a formal look, you can choose from different types of formal shoes. This is your chance to upgrade your style with our shoes. Steal the spotlight by putting your best foot forward in these stylish shoes.

Casual Sneakers for Party Wear

They say, “Work hard, party harder,” and we believe it, too! It’s necessary to give your best at work, but don’t forget to take some time off for yourself.

Catch up with your old college friends and plan a clubbing night. We’ve mentioned some styles below that are ideal shoes for party. For your party look, pair your outfit with these party wear shoes or different types of casual shoes.

The Krun Wine

Get ready to look dapper in the Krun wine sneakers. This pair features a stylish patterned upper and has been created from premium imported leather. For a Friday night, style them with a maroon polo t-shirt and black denims.

The Gonty White

Ace your Saturday look with the Gonty white men’s sneakers. You can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers. This pair is a must-have in your footwear collection. Look dashing by teaming these sneakers with a white t-shirt and blue denims.

Formal Loafers: The Best Shoes Without Laces

Make your Monday stylish with our formal loafers by your side! Keep trying new looks with our different types of shoes. For those who like to keep it semi-casual, they can opt for shoes without lace.

These styles have been trending, as they are both stylish and comfortable to wear. Add these to your formal wardrobe and take your work look to a whole new level.

The Yolof Brown

The Yolof brown men’s loafers will help you ace your work look! These loafers are ready to accompany you to your meetings. For a Monday meeting, pair them with a crisp white shirt and brown trousers.

 The Yoxile

Add a dose of fashion to your formal look with our Yoxile tan men’s leather driving loafers. For a Friday at work, team these loafers with a white polo t-shirt and beige chinos.

Men’s Lace-ups Formal Shoes

Men’s lace ups are known for adding a dose of sophistication to a formal look. There are many different types of formal shoes, and men’s lace ups are one such type.

For that sleek look, check out the latest formal shoes on our website. Our collection includes the latest trendy styles. Get noticed by the crowd for your timeless shoes. These lace ups will elevate your style and make it classic.

The Yody Brown

The Yody brown is meant to elevate your style. These lace ups are going to be a timeless addition to your style. For a sleek look, style these lace ups with a brown suit.

The Wnyoder Brown

If you are ready to stand out from the crowd, the Wnyoder brown is a must-have! These lace ups will add a sophisticated touch to your look. For a formal look, team them with a white shirt, brown trousers, and a blazer.

The Best Buckle Shoes Without Laces

If you are not into lace ups, then we have the best shoes without laces for you. They are none other than these double monk shoes. Our men’s collection includes the latest formal shoes.

Our double monk shoes feature a buckle and have been created from premium imported leather. These shoes are great to keep up with a sophisticated look at work.

The Yosa Brown

The Yosa brown men’s double monk shoes are ready to get you noticed by the crowd. These elegant shoes have been crafted in premium imported leather. For a work meeting, pair these shoes with a crisp white shirt and brown trousers.

The Yosa Tan

Add the Yosa tan to your formal wardrobe and look sophisticated! These double monk shoes will enhance your style. Look dapper for your next work meeting by styling these shoes with a tailored beige shirt and black trousers.


Now that you know about the different types of shoes, you can select your picks and style them with your outfits. From party wear shoes to different types of formal shoes, we offer a wide range of variety.

If you need retail therapy, then you can buy these shoes online from our website. Pick your favourites and start shopping! We have curated this men’s footwear guide especially for you to take your style game to a new level in our shoes.

Loafers, double monk shoes, lace ups and sneakers – our collection has them all. You can get them from our website or try them at our stores.

This footwear guide will help you ace your different looks and make you feel comfortable at the same time. Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your fashion game and set new trends!