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How to select the correct formal shoes for an event?

Get ready to face your day-to-day challenges in style. Our men’s footwear collection is fashionable, comfortable, and stylish. These shoes will help you ace every look. Be it those long business meetings or a Friday after-party night, our shoes are ready to join you. 

Our loafers will add a touch of elegance to your overall style. Look spectacular in our loafers without putting in too much effort. Stay up-to-date with the latest trendy shoes by your side. Invest in the best footwear that will help you amp up your looks. 

From a polo t-shirt and jeans to formal wear, our shoes will complement your outfits. Whether you’re planning to keep it smart-casual or willing to take your formal style to a whole new level, make sure that you get noticed for every step you take in our timeless shoes!  

Consider the event dress codes  

They say that the first impression is the last impression. Imagine going to a formal event in denim shorts. Doesn’t it sound funny? Yes, that’s what we are trying to say. It’s essential to follow the event dress code to leave a great impression.  

Getting your look on point might seem tricky, but dress codes are to be followed. For a big corporate event, go for a pair of sophisticated lace ups or double monk shoes and style them with shirt, blazer, and trousers. For a small company get-together or a meeting, style your outfit with elegant loafers.  

Take the great decision of adding our footwear to your collection and be a class apart from the rest. Our shoes are crafted from premium materials to offer you comfort but there’s no need to compromise on the style factor.  

Personal style expression  

Express your personal style by exploring our men’s shoe collection. Whether you like loafers, lace-ups, or double monk shoes, there’s no harm in exploring and experimenting to figure out your personal favorite style. If you don’t wish to follow the trend, you can simply select your style and let it speak for itself. 

There have been many style evolutions over time. It’s about time for you to elevate your personal style, isn’t it? There are so many styles available that it can be daunting to select your preference and stick to it. In the midst of following what others are wearing, don’t let go of your authentic style.    

After all, it takes confidence to stand out from the crowd. Our shoes will get you noticed for being a style sensation. Embrace a polished look by adding our classic footwear to your style.  


The Yoxile Tan  

Amp up your semi-casual look with our Yoxile tan men’s leather driving loafers. This pair is made from premium imported leather. For an everyday style, team these loafers with a neutral-colored shirt and brown trousers.   

The Monize Tan  

Add a dose of style quotient to your daily look with our Monize tan men’s leather driving loafers. The sole ensures a good grip while driving. Look dashing by styling them with a checkered beige shirt, black trousers, and a smart watch. 

The Hummer Brown  

Enjoy your next drive-in style and let us Hummer brown loafers accompany you. For a semi-casual look, pair these men’s loafers with a powder blue shirt and brown trousers for a team meeting at work.  


The Cliz Brown  

Featuring a croc-embossed pattern and crafted in premium imported leather, our Cliz brown will make you stand out from others, and how! Style these double monk shoes with a white shirt, brown trousers, and a brown blazer.  

The Bond Brown  

Take your work look to a new level with our Bond brown men’s double monk shoes. Designed to add an impeccable touch to your style, these shoes are a must-have. For a meeting, pair these shoes with off-white shirt and grey trousers.  

The Bern Brown  

Our Bern brown men’s double monk shoes will never let you down! Blending style with comfort, these shoes will make a great addition to your formal wardrobe. Style them with a beige tailored shirt, brown trousers and a classic watch.  

Lace Ups  

The Broco Tan  

Working in style might sound tough, but our Broco tan has made it easy!  These men’s lace ups are timeless and will take your style a notch higher. Get your formal look on point by teaming them with a white shirt, brown trousers, and a classic watch.  

The Yoder Black  

Our Yoder black men’s lace ups will be your go-to for a classic formal look. This pair has been crafted in imported leather to give you that premium feel. Make a style statement by teaming these lace ups with a black suit and a classic watch for a corporate event.  

The Yoder Brown  

For a stylish formal look, add our Yoder brown men’s lace ups to your style. These lace ups will make you look sophisticated. For a dapper look, pair them with an off-white tailored shirt and brown trousers for a team meeting.  

Match shoe style with the outfit  

Find outfits that will go well with your shoes. For starters, you can take some inspiration from style influencers or make a style look book for yourself. Plan to coordinate your outfit with your shoes. For example, pairing sophisticated lace ups with a casual outfit will not look that great. You can pair your lace ups with formal wear. 

It is necessary to decide which clothes to wear and how to style them correctly with your shoes. It might seem like a tricky game, but it can be a game-changer. You can either mix & match for a color block technique or go for an ombre look, which is pairing the outfit with the same color in different shades. 

If you don’t feel like the shoes suit the outfit, then change the outfit and pair it accordingly. While taking some style inspiration can be great, it’s important to know that a particular style might suit a fashion blogger, but it might not look the same on you.   

Prioritize Comfort & Fit  

“Get out of your comfort zone” doesn’t apply over here! If you don’t feel comfortable in your shoes, you won’t be able to embrace the look. So, while we focus on bringing the best styles to your doorstep, we also don’t want you to let go of your comfort zone here.  

This is why we design our footwear with top-notch quality materials and add a cushioned footbed to offer the utmost comfort. You need to ensure that you order the correct size by going through the size chart properly. If you have broad feet, always opt for one size bigger so that you feel comfortable while walking.  

Quality and Durability  

Always remember that ‘quality over quantity’ is not just a phrase. There’s a reason it’s told to us time and again. And yet, you might compromise on the quality for a particular style. 

However, we make our shoes with precise attention to detail. Whether it is our casual collection or a formal one, we conduct a proper quality assessment before launching a new product.  

Our shoes are famous for bringing fashion and durability together. We don’t want you to compromise on quality, so we ensure that the shoes are made with the best quality materials.  

Versatility and Timelessness  

Versatile means that the same shoes can be worn in different ways. Timelessness means that the style always remains relevant. For a versatile style, try to experiment with different outfits and see what goes well with the shoes. 

Over time, styles keep changing, but our shoes keep up with them because of their timelessness. Our shoes are ready to add a dose of sophistication to your overall look. 

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Flaunt your polished look by adding our classic styles to your wardrobe. Get ready to receive many compliments for your choice. We hope that this ultimate formal footwear guide helped you find your favorites and select the go-to styles for your formal looks. 

Stay updated with the latest trends by purchasing from our collection. There is a wide range of styles and colors. Shop from the one-stop footwear shop online and offline for your casual wear and big fat weddings, both!  

Be it corporate events or everyday work meetings, our formal shoes are going to enhance your sense of style for all of it. Life happens only once, so make it stylish.