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A Guide to Different Styles of Classic Men's Formal Footwear

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Are you looking for a pair of formal footwear? If yes, then don’t worry because we are here to help you out! When it comes to formal fashion, shoes can make or break your entire look. Show off your individuality and sense of style with our shoes. Switch on your fashionable side by stepping into our footwear. 

Investing in the right pair of shoes will make a massive difference in your look. With various styles to select from our formal men’s footwear, such as loafers, brogues, and oxfords, it might get confusing to pick a style that suits you well and fulfills your purpose of being the perfect pair. Take your time to explore different styles and choose the pair that reflects your personal style while enhancing your overall appearance.

Types of Formal Footwear

Whether you wish to experiment with our modern styles or show off your love for timeless styles, our premium collection of formal footwear for men is your answer. Our idea is to cater to men who are looking for shoes that balance style and practicality. From our modern loafers to classic oxford lace ups, each pair has been crafted exceptionally with precise attention to detail. Discover how these formal footwear online can add elegance to your look, whether it is a business meeting or a party night.

The Comme Brown

Put your best foot forward with our Comme brown leather loafers. Crafted from premium imported leather and featuring a comfortable TPR sole, these loafers will help you make a classic statement at your next work meeting. For a sleek formal look, style these loafers with a light brown shirt, black trousers, and a silver watch. 

The Tumac Brown

Walk in style and confidence with our Tumac Brown leather loafers. Redefine your everyday look by adding this pair to your wardrobe.  Made from premium leather, these loafers showcase a classic brown hue and a minimal design.  Style them with a classic white oxford shirt and grey trousers for a sophisticated look.

The Montli Black 

Our Montli black is ready to be your style companion. Crafted with care to give you that luxe feeling, this style is a must-have for a flawless formal look. Add a sophisticated touch to your office look and elevate your style by getting these loafers for yourself. Look dapper by pairing these shoes with a light pink shirt and beige trousers.

The Shell Black

If you are looking for a pair of classic derby lace ups, our  Shell black is your answer. Featuring a modern design and meant to make you stand out from the rest, these lace ups will be the best fashion investment ever. Style them with a black suit for your boardroom meeting. 

The Aario Brown 

Take every step in style with our Aario Brown lace ups. Made for modern men who are looking for footwear that blends fashion and practicality, these lace ups will make a great addition to your formal wardrobe. For a sharp look, pair these shoes with a maroon blazer, a white shirt, and maroon trousers.

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Tips for Styling Your Formal Footwear

Whether you are attending an important meeting or catching up with your friends after a long time, our shoes will help you ace your look without any doubts.  Take pride in your appearance by putting your look together. 

Most importantly, the way you present yourself will greatly influence how others perceive you. Style choices can communicate professionalism and affect confidence levels as well. Here are some tips to help you master the art of styling your formal footwear. Follow these tips to keep your shoes intact and increase their longevity.

Co-ordinate Your Shoes with your outfit 

While you might not be an expert at colour co-ordination, knowing the basics is quite important for styling. Brown shoes go well with earthy toned and navy-blue outfits and black coloured shoes can be paired with any colour. Decide in advance what kind of look you wish to achieve and accordingly, colour co-ordinate your outfit with the shoes.

Select the appropriate Style

It can get quite confusing to select the type of style, as there are so many options available. Instead of following someone else’s style, pick the shoes that resonate with your personal style. Team your outfit with a pair of polished leather loafers or lace ups, as they will be suitable for business meetings and professional settings. For a semi-formal look, opt for driving loafers. 

Consider the Style of your Socks

To maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance, make sure that your socks go well with your outfit and shoes. If you opt for quirky patterned socks, they won’t go well with your formal outfit. Choose to wear socks that are neutral coloured or without a lot of patterns for a polished look.

Maintain your shoes well

Polishing and regular cleaning of the shoes will keep them looking their best. This keeps them in good condition and also improves the overall appearance of the shoes while increasing their life span. 

Elevate your fashion game and walk in style on every occasion. The perfect pair of shoes can leave a great style impression. Additionally, investing in great quality shoes will ensure that they are in excellent condition. 

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Browse through our website and check out our collection of loafers, brogues, oxfords, and sneakers. The perfect pair of shoes will significantly change your entire look. For a professional setting, always look for formal footwear that will provide a polished and sophisticated appearance & at the same time, offer comfort for all day wear.

With a wide range of options, our style guide helps you find the perfect pair that caters to your needs and makes you look fashionable. Our shoes will add a touch of extra to your ordinary while ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on comfort. It’s time for you to elevate your collection and stand out from the crowd in our shoes.