How To Care For Footwear – The 10 Tips To Follow

How To Care For Footwear – The 10 Tips To Follow

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At Tresmode, you can shop for some of the finest quality shoes in the world! Whether you are looking for stylish shoes for men or classy options for women, we have them all for you. When you buy footwear from us, we can assure you of the quality, but if you want that quality to last you several years, there is some effort that you will need to put in from your end. Learning how to maintain shoes and take proper care of them is the key to their long life.

Here are 10 tips on how to take care of shoes

Although there are specific sets of instructions that come with each material and type of shoe, the basic steps of taking care remain the same. Follow these 10 steps of shoe care and maintenance to show your footwear how much you love them and that is all that they will need from you!

  • Obviously, when you wear your shoes, they are bound to get dusty and dirty, but the fact is that shoes don’t like dust and dirt, which is why, as soon as you get home, take the time to clean them. Use a soft cloth to remove all the layers of dust & dirt and then use a brush to remove any caked mud or any other particles. Do not use any sharp-edged items to remove dirt because that can end up causing damage. 
  • Once you are done wearing your footwear, you need to make sure that you store them right – scrunch up some newspaper and stuff them into the shoes. Not only will they keep the shape of the shoe intact, the paper will also absorb any moisture and help remove any unwanted odours! In case you can’t find a newspaper, you can use cotton, too. 


  • Shoes, especially leather (vegan or genuine) do not like moisture much – this means that you need to keep them away from water and moisture. This is actually one of the main tips in maintaining your leather shoes list; do not wear leather during the monsoon season, and if they do get wet, wipe them dry as quickly as possible. As a matter of fact, during the monsoons, you might want to avoid wearing leather footwear completely! 
  • Just like moisture, shoes are not particularly fond of direct sunlight either – which means that while you can wear them outdoors for as long as you want, once you are back home, you will need to keep them away from the sun. Materials such as leather can deteriorate faster, if proper care is not taken.
  • No matter how much you love a particular pair of shoes, we suggest you to not wear them continuously. Your shoes also need that break otherwise, they can lead to wear and tear due to overuse, so try to keep changing your shoes chance by chance. No matter what the weather outside might be, your feet can still sweat and this will settle down inside the footwear. By allowing your footwear a chance to dry out properly, your shoes will get the ‘rest’ they need and you will be able to create multiple fashion trends by changing your footwear. 
  • In case you thought that the box in which the shoes came to you would be the best place to store them, you would be sadly mistaken. These shoe boxes will not offer any real protection to your footwear, which is why you should consider methods of storing them, where there is circulation of air. 
  • One of the easiest tricks in the way to take care of your shoes rulebook has to be this – whenever you are not using your shoes, store them in a dust bag. Dust is never a good friend for shoes, especially if they are leather, which is why you need to take that extra effort to protect them. 
  • In case you don’t want to use cloth bags to store your footwear, consider a shoe tree. Shoe trees will allow proper circulation of air and ensure that the shape of your shoes are maintained too. Some of the best shoe trees are made with real wood and cedar is considered a good choice. However, you can invest in whatever suits your specific preferences. 
  • While your shoes might not need polish after every use – many times a quick brushing to remove the dust is often enough – we suggest that you spend the time to properly clean and brush your shoes after every 6 wears. This will give the shoes the pampering they deserve and the polish will also proffer a protective layer on the leather. This step is of course not needed for sneakers or flip-flops; for those, a proper cleaning will be more than enough! 
  • Your laces also need attention – this is all the way more important for footwear with lace ups, such as formal shoes and sneakers. Most people will take care of their shoes and the soles and even the insoles, but they end up neglecting the laces. Within every few weeks, you should simply remove the laces and soak them in warm soapy water. Later, remove them and dry them out completely, before lacing them back up. Alternatively, you can invest in a few extra laces, which you can use to alternate or even jazz up your footwear! 

Although there are more tips and tricks on different ways to maintain your shoes and take good care of them, these are the essential rules that you need to follow and this is something that is not limited to footwear for men or women. Following these ways of shoe maintenance will ensure a long life for all kinds of footwear.


At Tresmode, we go beyond just selling some of the most stylish and classy footwear; we also want to help you ensure that your footwear lasts you a long time and you look and feel confident and comfortable, every time you step out in them! Experiment with different styles of footwear and leave a lasting first impression on that date night or get noticed  by the crowd in your new shoes on your vacation.