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The ultimate luxurious travel accessory collection

Our new luggage travel accessories have been curated with a modern and easy-to-access approach. Our collection of premium luggage accessories effortlessly strike a balance between luxury and functionality. Get into the travel mood with our stylish, elegant and premium luggage bags by your side.

Make people know that you have arrived with our luxurious travel accessories by your side! You can’t deny that our travel accessories are likely to be a brilliant addition to your travel crew. These bags will ensure all eyes are on you.

Our stunning aluminium finished high-end luggage is instilled with a myriad of features like two TSA integrated combination locks accompanied with a push button, a retractable top and side carry handles, 4 dual spinning wheels and protective bumpers. These bags have multiple features and aesthetic exteriors that will ensure that all eyes are on you! 

The Aviator26 Silver

This luggage bag is eye-catching and spacious enough to fit in your clothes, footwear and other essentials. This high-end aluminium bag has two TSA integrated locks for your safety. With multiple compartments for you to keep your belongings carefully and a separate kit for toiletries, this bag has got you covered when it comes to keeping belongings safely.


The Aviator18 Black

This spectacular luggage bag is none other than the Aviator18 Black! Your constant struggle to fit in all your clothes and that added stress of keeping them safe ends here. Be it fitting your wedding clothes or casual outfits, this high-end luggage bag has separate spacious compartments to keep your belongings safe and secure! It has TSA integrated locks for more safety.


The Cabin20 Black

Make people aware that you have arrived with our Cabin20 Black luggage bag by your side! This luggage bag is of premium quality with multiple features like different compartments, 360-degree rotating wheels, separate kit for toiletries and an aluminium outer case with two TSA integrated locks. It is likely to be your go-to luggage bag for your getaway.


The Trunk20 Silver

This luggage bag strikes a balance between comfort, style and luxury. It comes with an aluminium outer case that looks stylish. This bag has features like different compartments and pockets to store extra items conveniently. The Trunk20 Silver has other features like two TSA integrated locks, 360-degree rotating wheels and a separate kit for toiletries.


The Pilot20 Black

Our Pilot20 Black is elegant and spacious enough to fit in all your essentials and other belongings. This luggage bag is likely to be a great travel buddy for your upcoming trip. It has an aluminium outer case and amazing features like 360-degree rotating wheels for a smooth travel, different pockets for your items, separate kit for toiletries and two integrated locks for safety.