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A Guide to Different Plain Suit Colour Combinations and Shoe Pairs

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Are you wondering which shoes for a suit are ideal for an upcoming formal event or your wedding guest look? We are here to solve this first-world problem for you! Eventually, it is about choosing the right colour combinations. Make a bold statement and elevate your overall style with our plain suit colour combinations. Let’s discover the best colour combinations for a suit!

Shoes for a Black Suit

While deciding  the perfect shoes for a suit can be a style deal-maker or breaker, you can opt for darker shades, like a pair of navy blue or black lace ups. On the contrary, if you wish to opt for a contrasting look, then pair our shoes for a black suit with a pair of brown lace ups or double monk shoes. These colours provide a sophisticated contrast without overpowering the overall look. To achieve a polished appearance, ensure that the shoes are well-maintained and polished. The best colour combinations for suits also depend on the way they have been styled by you.

The Shell Black Men's Derby Lace-Ups

Our Shell Black Derby Lace-Ups bring style, comfort, and luxury together! From boardroom meetings to the perfect wedding guest look, these lace ups will elevate all your looks. Crafted in premium Italian leather and featuring a modern design, these shoes are the ultimate must-haves. Style them with a maroon suit and a beige pocket square

The Bondy Black Monk Shoes

The Bondy Black Double Monk Shoes will add a sophisticated touch to your style. Crafted in premium Italian leather and blending elegance and comfort, these double monk shoes will help you get your formal look on point. Step into any room with confidence and style by pairing these shoes with a beige suit for a contrasting  look.

The Montli Black Loafers

The Montli Black loafers are classy and timeless. Designed with precise detailing and crafted in the best quality Italian leather, these loafers will make you look sleek at your next formal event. This style ensures convenience and comfort without letting go of the style factor. Pair these loafers with your favourite black suit.

Shoes for a Grey Suit

Our shoes for a grey suit allow room for experiments with a different range of colour options. Brown and black colour shoes both go well with a grey suit. You can choose according to the formal occasion and professional setting. Our shoes for a suit are ideal for a sophisticated look. You explore different plain suit colour combinations with black shoes and select what suits you the best according to your personal style.

The Pierre Brown Horse Bit Loafers

Our Pierre Brown Horse Bit Loafers will elevate your formal look. These loafers have been crafted from premium Italian leather, and they feature a dual-tone finish. Be a class apart by pairing your outfit with these shoes. For a corporate meeting, style these men’s loafers with a black suit and a classic watch.

The Comme Brown

The Comme Brown loafers are ultra-modern and elegant. Featuring a textured pattern on the sides and crafted with the finest materials, these loafers will add a classic touch to your entire look. Get ready to stand out from the crowd in these loafers. Pair them with a maroon suit and a blue tie for the perfect wedding guest look.

The Bond Brown Monk Shoes

Elevate your formal ensemble with The Bond Brown monk shoes. Crafted from premium Italian leather to offer extreme comfort, these shoes for men are the ultimate must-haves for a refined look. Upgrade your collection by adding these monk shoes to your wardrobe. Style them with a brown suit.

Shoes for a Navy Blue Suit

Our shoes for a suit are known for striking a balance between elegance and comfort. If you don’t wish to opt for the classic black suit or a grey suit, try a navy blue suit! It creates a refined look for a professional setting. Finding the right shoes for a navy blue suit might feel like a challenge, but our collection of lace ups solves the problem for you. Our brown shoes will make you look dapper when paired with a navy blue suit. You can style a different colour pair of shoes. 

The Cerob Tan Men's Oxford Brogue Lace-Ups

Step into timeless sophistication with The Cerob Tan Oxford brogue lace ups. These shoes blend classic oxford style with intricate brogue detailing, creating a pair that exudes refined elegance. These lace ups will make you look great when paired with a navy blue suit.

The Shell Tan Men's Derby Lace-Ups

The Shell Tan Derby lace ups are versatile and ideal for your formal events. Crafted in premium Italian leather and featuring a modern design, these lace ups will make you stand out from the crowd in the most effortless way. You can style them with a navy blue or royal blue suit and a smart watch.

The Yoder Brown Men's Lace-Ups

The Yoder Brown Lace-Ups will be your go-to for a timeless look. Add these lace ups to your collection and flaunt your style. Elevate your formal looks by adding these lace ups to your wardrobe. For a dapper look, style them with a solid blue suit and a light blue tie. 

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Style is not just about clothing; it's a language of self-expression. Put your best foot forward in the most premium shoes! Crafted from top-notch quality materials and offering the latest trendy styles, our collection ensures that you don’t worry about the comfort factor. Make every step stylish by pairing your suit with our shoes.