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Styling leather sandals for various occasions

Attention footwear enthusiasts! 

If you are among those who love shoes, then you must own a few good pairs of footwear. Well, trust us when we say this, if you don’t know how to pair these shoes the right way, then you might actually be making some serious fashion blunders. However, do not worry, as your official footwear expert - Tresmode is here to share some amazing styling tips to help you rock every look.

Today, let’s walk into the interesting world of leather sandals – the ultimate footwear choice for every occasion. From everyday work to weekend getaways, these versatile shoes are about to become your new BFFs. Are you ready to ace your style?

Why leather sandals are a great choice for everyone

First things first, let's discuss why leather sandals are an absolute game-changer. Be it leather sandals for women or men, they are the ultimate fashion mantras. Not only are they astoundingly comfortable and breathable, but they also add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. 

We could go on and on about these chic and fashionable types of footwear, they are so wonderful! So let’s just tell you why everyone must invest in a pair of leather sandals if they want to be ahead in the fashion game!

  • Slip into leather sandals and feel like you're walking on clouds – they are super-comfy! No more feet aches or blisters– just pure bliss!
  • When you wear a pair of sandals, you can say goodbye to sweaty feet! They let your feet breathe, keeping you cool and comfy all day long.
  • Leather sandals can make any outfit look stylish. Whether you're rocking casual jeans or a formal kurta, they'll take your look to the next level.
  • Dress them up or down – leather sandals are a versatile choice for any look you want. From brunch with buddies to a night out with your partner, our sandals have got you covered.
  • Forget complicated cleaning routines – leather sandals are low-maintenance, and it’s quite easy to keep them looking great. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth, and they'll look as good as new. 
  • Leather sandals are built to last. Get rid of clumsy flip-flops that fall apart after a few wears, and bring home these leather sandals for the long haul.
  • Trends come and go, but leather sandals are there to stay. They will never go out of style, so you can flaunt them season after season without missing a beat.

There's something about slipping on a pair of leather sandals that makes you look like a million bucks! Simple, yet adorable and elegant, there can’t be a reason why you don’t have them in your wardrobe.

Styling leather sandals for women and men for every occasion

Oh, the wonder of leather sandals! These shoes can take you from meeting rooms to beaches and bars without missing a beat. With their sleek design and premium materials, they are the perfect blend of style and comfort. So, let's find out how you can pair leather sandals for every occasion and create unique looks.

The Everyday Work Look

For your office look, opt for sleek and sophisticated leather office wear sandals in neutral hues like black, brown, or navy. Pair them with tailored trousers, a crisp button-down shirt, and a blazer for a polished and professional look. 

Women can wear their leather sandals for women with western formals as well as ethnic formal wear. For a touch of elegance and sophistication, opt for footwear with subtle embellishments or metallic accents.

The Laid-back Brunch Look

Enjoy the leisurely aura of brunch with a pair of casual yet chic wedge leather sandals for women. Choose footwear with intricate cut-outs or woven details, and match them with a flowy dress or skirt and a lightweight cardigan. Add a pop of colour with a statement necklace or a pair of chunky earrings to complete the ensemble. 

Men can get their brunch look by pairing these leather shoes for casual wear with a pair of chic linen or denim shorts and a casual shirt or tee.

The Special Date Night Look

Create your date night style with a pair of strappy leather heel sandals for women. Opt for sandals with delicate straps and a heel to create a taller look and a flattering silhouette. Pair them with a little black dress, a flirty skirt, or tailored pants, and don't forget to add a touch of sparkly jewellery or some accessories.

Men can flaunt their fashion game with these sandals by pairing them with a pair of tailored trousers, and a crisp shirt. Don’t forget to add a statement watch and a classic belt. 

The Weekend Getaway Look

Enjoy the fun and freedom of a weekend retreat with a pair of comfortable and versatile leather sandals. For a stylish look, men can pair them with shorts, a casual t-shirt, and a denim jacket to show off their effortlessly laid-back style. 

Women may choose sandals with a flat heel that provide ample support for exploring new destinations. Don’t forget to pair it with a beautiful flowy dress, or probably a pair of cute shorts, and a hat to complete the look.

The Ultimate Festive Look

Brighten the vibrancy of a festival with a pair of boho-inspired leather sandals. Opt for leather sandals for women with colourful embellishments, fringe, or intricate stitching. Women can pair them with a flowing maxi dress and some timeless jewellery to create a whimsical and carefree look. For a traditional ethnic look, you can go for a minimally embellished festive suit or a saree.

Men can get the festive look on point by wearing their shoes with a crisp ethnic kurta set or probably tailored chinos and formal shirts.


For footwear that effortlessly makes you look modern with every move, leather sandals are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Their versatility lets you shift seamlessly from the office to the outdoors, ensuring you always step out in style. 

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