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Different types of formal shoes for Men

For the longest time, men identified their shoes as formal or casual – what they would wear to work or for a wedding would be formal, and anything else would be casual. Not a lot of men would actually be able to distinguish between the many types of formal shoes. Although they might know the difference in colour and maybe the material with which it is made from, the knowledge often doesn’t go beyond that. 

At Tresmode, we not only bring you the finest quality shoes made with genuine leather, comfortable TPR soles, and carefully chosen designs, but we also bring you information that allows you to choose and shop better. 

Let's take a look at the formal footwear options that men generally have, many of which you can shop at our online or retail stores. Getting to know the various types of shoes will not only allow you to make the right choice but also give you the chance to flaunt the most amazing shoes, which are perfect for every occasion.

So, what are the many types of formal shoes for men?

Although many of the shoes that you see in any men’s collection might look similar, there are actually variations and that is what sets each type of shoe apart. Let’s take a look at the most popular and common ones:

  • Oxford – The classic shoe, which almost every man has in his wardrobe; a regular shoe which has laces to tie up, and it is the center seam that is the most prominent. These shoes can be found in several colours, but black, brown, and tan are perhaps the most popular and most preferred. What makes these shoes so loved is the fact that they are suitable for almost every occasion. Whether you are headed for a normal day at work or a party, whether you have an important interview or wedding to attend, the Oxford shoes will make you look dapper.


  • Derby – Characterised by the open lacing, this type of shoe normally has an added piece of leather, which is where the lacing is attached to the body of the actual shoe. It is normally chosen by people who have a narrow foot because it offers more space and comfort. Although they are quite similar to Oxfords, they tend to be labeled a tad bit more casual, but they are still popular for office and other formal occasions. However, Derby shoes also work well with chinos and denim pants!

  • Loafers – If you are looking for shoes that require minimal effort to put on and remove, then you will want to add our loafers to your collection. These shoes have no laces and are more like slip-ons; because there are no laces, fastening, or buckles, they are quite popular with people who like quick and easy dressing up. It is interesting to note that there are various kinds of loafers shoes for men too -
    • Tassel loafers – These are the slightly sophisticated version because they have a tassel that stays on the top of the shoe vamp, and these loafers are most commonly made with suede material.
    • Penny loafers – Extremely popular among the younger and more fashionable crowd, this version comes in a range of colours and even materials, which means that no matter what your outfit is, you will find an option that matches.
    • Horsebit loafers – Rare to find, this category is said to have been created by the house of Gucci and has a more luxurious look to it. The shoes are decorated with coloured metals.

  • Monk strap – When the monk strap was first invented, it had a single buckle, but over time, another buckle was added. At Tresmode, you will be able to find a wide variety of double buckled monk straps, and these are a versatile choice when you want a look that is classy, but also slightly edgy. You can wear these shoes to not only the office but to parties and weddings! 

  • Brogue – The name comes from a technique known as broguing, in which the upper part of the shoe is perforated so that decorative pieces can be added. These are traditionally dress shoes and are suitable for special occasions and events. You can choose between full, semi, and quarter men's brogues shoes – the rule of thumb is simple, the less the brogues, the more formal the shoes. 

  • Wingtips – The wingtips are a popular option, especially among those men who put comfort above all else! These shoes tend to be extremely lightweight, which makes them suitable for all-day wear. These shoes are great for men who have wide feet and require space within the shoe, even though they have a slim construction. 
  • Chelsea – Tight-fitting ankle-length boots with rounded toes are commonly known as Chelsea boots, and these shoes have no laces. However, you can find them in several colours and even though leather and suede are the most commonly used materials to make these shoes, you can find them in other materials too. These shoes are perfect for when you want to create that smart casual or semi-formal look; from the office to parties, these shoes can be worn almost everywhere! 
  • Dress boots – If you have an event where you are needed to truly dress up, like a black-tie event, then you will need the dress boots. These tend to have a glossy-finished upper, and the design tends to be on the lines of oxfords. The toe-shape can be slightly pointed, and you can also find versions that have heels on them, which adds height and elegance. Dress boots are most commonly seen in black colour, and are a must-have for those who attend such highly formal events.


No matter which types of formal shoes for men you are looking for, we are quietly confident that you will be able to find them at Tresmode.