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The glamorous world of women’s heels

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For a woman, her wardrobe extends beyond just her clothing – everything she adds to her collection has a purpose; so, every accessory and every pair of footwear that she owns has its place in the looks that she creates. Although most people might ignore the footwear, the fact is that without the right shoes, there is a chance that your final look will feel as complete as it should. There is a reason why there are so many types of shoes that you can pick and choose from. There are some shoes, such as sneakers, that are perfect for holidays and casual outings, but they might not be the right fit for your board meetings. 

Similarly, you will want your favourite pencil heels for women for when you want to slay at work, but would those heels be your best friends at a beach wedding? Maybe not! Shopping for footwear requires a little bit of research, and we at Tresmode bring to you not only the trendiest footwear for men and women, but also tips and tricks with information that allow you to make the right choices.

Let’s talk a little about the types of heels for women

Let’s venture into the gorgeous and glamorous world of women’s heels – a category that is much loved by women across the globe. Heels can instantly change the way you look and feel – it adds a sense of elegance and pizzazz to your look, and when you slip on a pair of stylish heels, the way you carry yourself will change! However, before you pick every heel that you come across, it would be essential to spend some time understanding the various options -

  • Kitten – These are the best option for beginners because they have the lowest heels and are easy to walk in, and super convenient. These are suitable for office, casual wear, and work well for all age groups too. There are many styles available in kitten heels. For a formal look, pick neutral coloured kitten heels and for a party look, you can opt for shimmer kitten heel sandals. 
  • Stiletto – One of the most iconic heels, the stiletto symbolizes glamour! The heel tends to be thin and then tapers down to be thinner, which is why it requires some experience to carry them off with style. However, stilettos can vary from a single inch to being really high! This type of heel can work for all kinds of occasions, including offices and parties. 
  • Block – This is a trend that might stay forever. Chunkier than a stiletto, this is a lot more practical for regular wear. Well, there is a proper distribution of weight with the block heels, they offer a good grip and support, making it easier to walk in these sandals. It’s not a task to find a variety of block heels for women at Tresmode, and these are great for not only the office but also for a night out or even a wedding.
  • Platform – There are those who will argue that a platform is not really a heel because the entire sole is elevated in this type of shoe, but there are several women who prefer the platform heel for the amount of comfort and balance that it can offer. They tend to come with a cushioned foot-bed for an extra layer of cushioning on platform heels, allowing you to walk with immense ease. 
  • Wedge – If you are planning to wear heels for a really long time, or maybe even the entire day, then wedge heel sandals might be a really good choice. The slightly chunky nature of wedge heels for women makes them perfect to be teamed with dresses and flowy skirts. It comes as no surprise that it is a popular choice amongst women when going on vacation or to parties at glamorous resorts. Cork wedges are perfect for your summer holidays and weekend getaways, while the solid ones can be used even for office wear!


  • Tapered/Cone – This type of heel is just what the name says! The heel looks like a cone, and because it tends to be on the thicker side, it offers better support and is a good choice for women who tend to stand for long hours or are constantly on the move. Perfect for work and play, these cone heels will prove to be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Consider the heel height for more than just your pump heels for women

The average height for most heels is 3 inches, or around that, but because there are so many sizes that you can choose from, it would be wise to understand the variations too - 

  • Two inches – This is normally the smallest heel size and is a good option for office wear or for those women who are new to wearing heels. 
  • Three inches – The classic heel height with three inches offer elegance and comfort, which means that you can wear it from 9am to 9pm with ease! 
  • Four inches – The four inch is what is considered suitable for party or evening wear and while some might use this height for office wear too, it tends to require a little practice. 


  • Five inches and more – If you are looking at a heel height that is more than 5 inches, then you need to be someone who is used to wearing them. This height is not meant for newbies, but if you look for platforms or wedges, you might be able to balance better.


At the end of the day, you want to pick heels that will not only make you look and feel good, but are also easy to wear. Keep a few things in mind and you will be fine. Make sure that you pick a heel height that you are comfortable wearing. Consider the cushioning and comfort. Think about the occasion for which you are picking the heel for – office means comfort matters more, but for a party, maybe style is a greater priority. While the heels are one aspect, you also need to consider the toe and the back – do you want slip ons, are you looking for slingbacks, open toe or closed? 

Take a minute to consider all these things as well! The colour and material of the pump heels for women or whichever footwear you are picking also needs to be considered. Tresmode strives to bring you the latest fashion from the world of footwear without making any compromises – from quality to comfort, from variety to value for money. You will find it all and so much more here! Yes, we bring to you so many types of heels for women too!