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Your Wardrobe Style-vestment!

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Style, a term that is largely misunderstood, is more than just what's in-trend or fashionable. Your style is a reflection of who you are and what you do. It is what makes you feel good, confident and comfortable. When looking to build a wardrobe to best suit your personality and lifestyle, a key to remember is 'Less is more". These days being chic and classy no longer requires owning different shoes for each outfit. Or a different blouse for each skirt. As different aspects of our lives have merged together as have styles. An outfit you wear to work can also be perfect for an evening out! As the world is moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle, fashion is moving along side by side. Minimalism is the thing now. Below is a carefully curated list of pairs that are all you need for a complete stylish, comfortable and stunning wardrobe. 
An important day at work or an outing over the weekend, the following pairs can prove to be a real style-vestment!
Work or party, whatever may be your style, you can rock these Monday to Sunday!  
As dapper as they could get, our Noxford tan oxfords lace up shoes are so easy to style! Perfect for the occasions that require a snappy dressing, these mens lace up shoes go great with suits, blazers as well as casual shirts and elevate your look in no time !
For laid back days and Fridays at work, our Tiesto driving loafers do the trick! A secret? The specially designed rubber nubs that extend to the heel make long distance driving and heavy traffic easy on your feet.
The perfect mix of laid back and snappy, The Trembo suede loafers add a super dashing touch to any outfit! These are effortlessly pairable with both casual and work outfits while the suede adds a little something to them.
For the girlboss in you, our Newcastle classic black pumps are a must-have! Whether you need to look sharp for a meeting with investors or a saturday night out with your gang, these heels have got you covered!
Some days are just the kind where you wanna wear flats! No questions asked! Our Palmer Rose Gold flats are perfect for the days you want to ditch the high heels and still make a statement.
If sporty chic is your vibe then you have arrived at your zen! The Chen classic white sneakers are so chic and comfortable, they're our favourite pair too! Style them the way you like and watch heads turn!