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Driving Loafers - A Guide

All you need to know about driving loafers and how to style them!
Bringing together class, luxe and functionality, driving loafers are an imminent trend in men's fashion! These are designed to keep your feet as comfortable as possible while you're on the road and extremely stylish immediately after!

What exactly are driving loafers?

Invented for the discerning consumer looking for a better grip and handle on the pedals while driving, driving shoes are especially designed loafers or moccasins. These loafers or moccasins feature a rubber grommet sole or rubber nubs that start  at the sole and extend all the way to the heel. These nubs or grommet soles make driving long distances easy and comfortable for your feet  by giving you a better hold on the pedals even if you have to constantly switch gears. Now available in versatile shades and dashing designs, driving loafers swiftly make the move from convenience to high fashion.
Check out our best selling driving loafers and how to style them:
You can never go wrong with a pair of classic black loafers! Featuring a well-finished leather upper, these loafers are absolutely perfect for a Friday at work. Style these loafers with a pair of chinos and a printed shirt for a dashing but casual office look.
Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe with these dapper blue ones! Ideal for weekend getaways near the city, our stunning driving loafers pair well with shorts, jeans and even pants and save you the trouble of packing another pair of shoes.
Stylish Friday-at-work look, Saturday-brunch-with-the-guys look or vacation-abroad look, our driving loafers can pull off any outfit, giving you a dashing touch while you drive around comfortably!  Pair your favorite shirt or basic tee with our loafers and you're done!