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Here's everything you need to know about shoes!

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Get To Know your Footwear
Types of shoes.
Shoes are no longer just a necessity; the kind of footwear you choose to wear tells a lot about your personality.
Are Loafers Casual Shoes?
Loafers originated as casual mens shoes in the early 1900s. Loafers are lace less or slip on flat shoes made of leather or vegan leather. Now loafers or loafer shoes are a common men’s and women’s footwear. Loafers for men range from casual to formal, based on how you dress them. They come in an array of patterns and designs like driving loafers, penny loafers and tassel loafers. Mens loafer shoes have four classic categories, penny loafers, tassel loafers, horse-bit loafers and brogue loafers.
Loafers for women however incline more towards the smart casual scale. With adorable details and hues, womens loafer shoes are changing the smart casual game.
What Are Driving Loafers?
Driving loafers are the perfect amalgamation of style and practicality. A modern take on the classic loafers, driving loafer shoes are specially crafted loafers for men that feature a grommet sole that extends all the way to the heel. These specifically designed loafers protect the upper material from wear and tear and also provides you with comfort and ease while driving. Driving loafers for men are now a classy mix of fashion and convenience with a wide range of colours, patterns and designs. 
What Are Penny Loafers?
What are penny loafers? Penny loafers in simple words are the slip-on version of dress shoes! Characterised by a leather strap running horizontally across the vamp of the loafers. This distinctive detail makes penny loafers a classic yet dashing piece of men’s footwear.
What Is Brogue Shoe?
Brogue is a detail seen on mens leather shoes. Brogues can be traced back to an elementary shoe that originated in Ireland and Scotland that was constructed using untanned hide, while modern brogues feature decorative perforations. Brogues are most commonly found in one of four toe-cap styles: full or wingtip brogues, semi-brogues, quarter brogues and long wing brogues, and four closure styles Oxford, Derby, Loafer and Monk strap.
What Are Sneakers?
Sneakers are casual shoes for men and women. Sneakers were originally meant to be sports shoes i.e. shoes for any form of physical activity. Sneakers are also known as trainers, gym shoes or running shoes. With the recent rise in athleisure fashion, sneakers are eating into everyday casual wear for both men and women! 
Men’s sneakers now with dapper leather detail and super chunky soles. These details make sneakers for men a perfect weekend wear.
Womens sneakers in adorable hues and chunky soles make a great smart casual footwear.
What Are Oxfords Shoes?
Oxford shoes are lace shoes for men characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs which are stitched under the vamp, in contrast to derbys which have shoelace eyelets stitched to the top of the vamp. Earlier, Oxfords lace ups for men were just plain formal shoes, but today you can see them in a range of styles suitable for formal as well as dress wear or party wear and even casual wear.
What Are Derbys Shoes?
Derby laceups for men are a contrast to oxford laceups. Derby laceups for men feature a stitching technique also referred to as open lacing. The shoelace eyelets sown on top of the vamp is a distinctive characteristic that differentiates derby laceups from Oxford laceups for men.
About Flat Sandals and Types:
Sandals are open toe shoes for both men and women, however are more commonly available as womens footwear. Sandals for women can be slip ons or with straps. Flat sandals for women are perfect when you want to spare yourself the constant struggle of looking chic without dealing with the blisters and sores caused by most high heels. Flat sandals feature a very thin platform heel or no heel at all. These sandals for women are extremely convenient, comfortable and super chic.
What Are Gladiator sandals?
The gladiator sandals for women that we know today were originally modelled after the elaborate footwear worn by kings and queens in Egypt. Popularised by the infamously charming Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, up to the seventies, gladiator sandals were known as The Cleopatra. Gladiator sandals are characterized by their chic strappy detail and usually come with a zip closure at the back.
What Type of Shoes are Ballerinas For Women?
Ballet flats or ballerinas for women are closed-toe flat shoes for women inspired by a dancing ballerina’s footwear. Ballerinas are usually made of faux, vegan leather or other synthetic materials. Ballerinas shoes for women work perfectly as both casual and formal wear. Infact, ballerinas shoes serve as a great alternative for formal high heels because of their close toed nature.
What Are Wedges Heel Sandals?
Wedges or wedge heels are shoes with a sole in the shape of a wedge. Wedge heels are sturdier and more comfortable compared to a pencil heel. Wedge sandals can be found in a number of styles now. You can get wedge heel ballerinas, wedge heel pumps or wedge sandals based on your specific requirement. 
What are Pumps for Women?
Characterized by a kitten heel or higher, pump shoes are pointed toe formal shoes for women. Derived from the 17 th  and 18 th  century dressy shoes, these high heel shoes are also referred to as court shoes. Originally, a quintessential formal footwear for women, pumps have transitioned into appropriate party-wear footwear in recent years especially because of its high heel feature. Now pumps can also be seen in sturdy block heels.
What Are Peep toes Sandals?
A slightly casual sister of the pumps, peep toes are womens shoes characterized by a small opening at the front, enough for toes to be visible, hence the name peep toes. Peep toes for women come mostly in high heels, kitten heels or block heels and sometimes flats.
What Are Block heels?
Like its name suggests, block heels for women are shoes with a fatter and chunkier heel compared to stilettos or kitten heel shoes. Block heels can now be seen in almost every style of shoes for women. You get block heel pumps, block heel sandals and even block heel peep toes. Block heels are far more comfortable than pencil heels and extremely sturdy too.
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