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How To Take Care of your Shoes.

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How to care for your leather shoes?
Maintaining your leather shoes can seem like a trivial task but it is more vital than you’d think. How you take care of your leather shoes is what decides their fate, how long they’ll last and how good they continue to look.
You can look after your leather shoes in three simple steps:
One of the most basic yet crucial steps in shoe care, waterproofing determines the lifespan of your leather shoes. For this you need to purchase a spray repellent of your choice. These are specially made to waterproof leather and you could easily get them online. A single coat of this spray is enough to cover your shoes for at least six months. How to tell if your shoes need a new coat? Just keep an eye out, when water stops heading up on your shoes it’s time for the next coat.
It’s a good idea to add conditioning to your leather shoe care regimen. Just like your hair, without proper conditioning your leather shoes can dry out too. Hence, a good shoe conditioner will prevent your leather shoes from wrinkling and flaking.
How you store your shoes is significant. One would think saving the box the shoes came in and storing them in it would do the trick, but no. Throw out the box your leather shoes came in, they don’t help. To preserve the shape and structure of your shoes use a shoe tree. A shoe tree is a wooden structure shaped to fit perfectly inside your shoes. Whenever you take your shoes out, get a shoe tree in them as soon as possible. Shoe trees will keep the shoe’s original shape intact and prevent creases(something leather shoes can often suffer from).
That is it! Follow these three steps and your leather shoes will live on. Additionally you can occasionally use a shoe polish for an extra touch of shine for your leather shoes.
Who doesn’t love a great pair of sneakers! What keeps your athleisure look on point is a good looking pair of sneakers. For that, you’ve got to pay close attention to how you maintain your sneakers. Sneakers are mostly low maintenance, an occasional cleaning and they’ll be as good as new. How you do that exactly depends on the material of your sneakers. Usually, the easiest method to clean most sports shoes is by wiping them with a damp or wet cloth and then leaving them out to dry. When your sneakers are made of leather, wipe it with a dry cloth instead.
Pro tip- Do not wash your sneakers in the washing machine.
How to care for vegan leather shoes?
To look after your vegan leather shoes is fairly easy. On a regular basis, wiping them off with a damp cloth would do the trick. Incase of a stain or let’s say you step into a puddle, you can clean your faux leather shoes with a baby wipe or cloth dipped in mild soapy water. Your vegan leather shoes are far more low-maintenance, sturdy and durable!
How to care for your suede shoes?
Your suede loafers can seem like the hardest to clean. Although if you ask us, it is easier than it seems. The only thing you need to look after your suede shoes is a shoe brush. It is always a great idea to invest in a shoe brush especially for suede shoes rather than a regular shoe brush. You can use this to brush off any build-up that develops on your suede shoes over time. Doing so would make sure the look of your shoes stays the same.

How To Avoid Blisters / Shoe Bites From New Shoes?
Nobody likes blisters and shoe bites! To prevent shoe bites caused by new shoes, especially for women, there are a couple of things you can do. Ask our salesman or customer care team member to provide you with a counter sticker while you’re placing your order. A counter sticker is a small cushioned pad with a sticky side that you can fix on the inside of your shoes. A counter sticker will prevent any sort of friction between your feet and your new shoes. In case you can’t get your hands on a counter sticker, just stick a bandaid on the most prone areas of your feet and voila, you’re blister-proof!
How to store your shoes right?
While storing your shoes, one rule is a must; you always store your shoes, any shoes in a dry place. For your leather shoes, never store them in the cardboard boxes they come in, instead just place them inside individual shoe bags and always use a shoe tree! Be sure to check on your leather shoes from time to time in case they need conditioning. The rest are easy, any of your other shoes stay safe in the boxes they come in. But yes, much like leather shoes, it is important to check on shoes that spend more time in boxes. An occasional cleaning session can go a long way in maintaining your shoes and making them more durable.
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