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Mastering Black Suit Style: Shirt & Pant Combinations and Shoes Guide

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Get ready to start the New Year in style with new shoes! From the upcoming boardroom meetings to the wedding functions, it looks like it’s time to suit up quite literally. Experiment with the latest trendy footwear and pair them with your outfits. 

We are here to suggest the best shoes that will not only help you complete your entire look but also elevate your style at the same time! Whether you are a believer in following the trends or love to stand out from the crowd, we love to leave it up to you. 

From our modern stylish loafers to our timeless shoes, we let you decide what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Our footwear is crafted with care to make sure that you don’t have to ever compromise on comfort.

Exploring Complementary Colours for Black Suit Combinations

Black is always a great go-to option for most men. If you want to go all-out, you can opt for a shimmer black suit and pair it with contrasting colour shoes and shirt. It might seem like the shirt that you wear inside the suit won’t make any difference. However, if you observe properly, it can change the whole look.

Black Suit with a Blue Shirt

You can style your black suit with a powder blue or a navy blue shirt. Pair this combination with a pair of brown lace ups for a sleek look. Opt for a similar blue pocket square for the contrast.

All Black Suit Styling

If you are a fan of the black colour, this combination is for you! This black shirt combination will look really sophisticated. You can style a black suit with white embroidery, a black shirt, and a classic black watch for a corporate meeting.

Black suit paired with a pink shirt

You might think that pink won’t look that great when paired with a black suit, but we would like to bust this myth right here! The perfect shade of pink, like a pastel pink will enhance your black suit look instead.

Black suit styled with a grey shirt

When in doubt, pair your black suit with a grey shirt. Pairing a black suit with a grey shirt is always an ideal option. The colour grey goes well with black and will make you look classy when styled with a pair of black shoes.

Black suit enhanced with a purple shirt

If you are the one who loves experimenting, then pair your black suit with a purple shirt. Apart from the black shirt combination, you can either opt for a light purple – lilac shade or a dark purple shirt with a black suit.

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Different Styles of tie to wear with a black suit

You can amp up your black suit combination with a tie. When it comes to selecting the tie, there are many options available. From a solid necktie to a patterned necktie, choose the tie that adds a fashion quotient to your overall look. Further, we have mentioned the different types of shoes that will make you look classy when paired with a suit.

The Nas Black

Our Nas black oxford lace ups are ideal for your formal look. Crafted in premium patent leather, suit up in style by adding these shoes to your wardrobe. Pair them with a black suit and a light pink shirt. If you want to opt for a tie, go for a navy blue tie.

The Shell Black

Walk like the world is your runway with our Shell black derby lace ups. Featuring a modern design and crafted in premium Italian leather, these lace ups will add that style quotient to your look. Pair them with a dark brown suit and a black smart watch.

The Aario Black

Let your style leave a mark while you take each step in our Aario black lace ups. This pair will add a classic touch to your entire look. Style these shoes with a grey suit with a white shirt, a black tie, and a golden watch.

The Douce Black

Get ready to make each step count with our Douce black penny loafers. Crafted in premium Italian leather, these shoes will be your go-to for your formal style. Pair them with a tailored maroon suit, a white shirt, and a grey tie.

The Montli Black

If you are looking for the perfect pair of timeless footwear, our Montli black is your answer. These loafers will offer that luxe feeling without letting you compromise on comfort. Style these loafers with a navy blue suit, a white shirt, and a blue tie. 

The Pierre Black

For a classic look, pair your suit with our Pierre black horse-bit loafers. Crafted with the finest materials, these loafers will add a modern touch to your style. Pair them with a light grey suit, an off-white shirt, a black tie, and a silver watch.

Shoes for a suit: A stylish pairing guide

While there are multiple options to pair your suit with, it might get overwhelming to decide what would be the perfect choice! We are here to make it simple for you to choose the right shoes for your black suit combination by explaining the difference between the types of loafers. This will make it convenient for you to select the style that caters to your needs and preferences.


Loafers are rising in popularity again. Our collection includes the latest trendy loafers that will help you transition easily from work to an after-party without too much effort. They are an ideal choice for your formal events.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers have been a popular choice among most men, as these shoes offer comfort and are available in different styles. Our penny loafers have been a go-to option, as they save the day by making you stand out from the crowd.

Driving Loafers

Driving loafers are quite versatile and can be worn for both formal as well as casual occasions. Whether it is a weekend getaway, a casual event, or a Friday at work, our driving loafers are ready to accompany you through it all.

Accessories and details for a black suit combination

The little details make a vast difference in every individual’s appearance. Accessories like a wrist watch, a pair of stylish socks, or a tie will go well with your black suit combination. You just need to choose the accessories smartly. 

Select a pair of silk and cashmere socks to wear under your shoes for a premium look. For a formal look, opt for neutral colour socks with darker tones like brown, black, and dark blues. For a semi-formal look, pair your shoes with checkered or polka-dotted socks. 

Style your suit with a classic golden wrist watch or a smart watch, you can try to see what looks better and then decide. For your black suit with black shirt combination, go for a black or brown leather belt watch. 

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Now that you are fully aware of various ways to style your black suit, you can get ready without any stress! Look dapper by styling your suit with the right pair of shoes. Our men’s collection also includes footwear for casual wear and other semi-formal events. 

After all, it will take time to determine and figure out your signature style. The perfect black suit and pant combination will make you look sophisticated and get you noticed by the crowd for all the right reasons! 

You can also shop offline by visiting our stores and trying out the styles. Our shoes are designed to make you look voguish and wrap your feet in comfort, simultaneously. Get ready to experiment with different styles. 

Step up your fashion game by adding new shoes to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a pair of classic lace ups or casual driving loafers, our shoes will be your best style companion through your favourite weekend staycations and those long boardroom meetings.