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Glam Up Your Outfit in Seconds: How to Style Block Heels For Any Occasion

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It’s officially the season to channelize your inner diva & glam up your entire look! Block heels are super versatile, as they can simply be paired with jeans, skirts, shorts, and trousers. There are many ways to style your block heel sandals. 

According to the event, you can decide to either go all-out or keep it minimal. For a minimal look, opt for neutral coloured block heel sandals like beige, white, or black. For a party night, you can choose to pair your outfit with sandals with studs or a glossy upper. 

Lately, many women have been pairing their block heel sandals with their outfits because they not only make them look stylish but also offer the comfort needed.

The Allure of Block Heels

In the footwear fashion world, block heels add their own charm and change the entire look. This category seems to be a style game changer. From formal events to party nights, they can be worn at every occasion. When compared with other types of heels, block heel sandals are famous for striking the correct balance between style and comfort. 

Scientifically, block heels spread the body weight evenly and minimize muscle strain. This type of sandal is ideal for your dinner nights, brunch parties, and office meetings. Doesn’t it now tick all your boxes for being the perfect footwear style? 

Our collection includes a wide range of styles for you to select from. If paired with the right outfit, block heels will elevate your look instantly and make heads turn. We’ve further mentioned some tips and tricks to style your block heels perfectly.

Tips For Styling Block Heels Effortlessly

Daytime Chic – Our sandals can be worn all day long, as the block heels are quite sturdy and are available in different styles for you to pick from. For your everyday style, pair the block heels with a denim-on-denim outfit or a top and denim shorts for a comfortable casual look. For a weekend staycation, you can amp up your look by pairing our block heels with a crop-top and flare pants or a midi dress.

Evening Elegance – If you are looking forward to enhancing your coffee date look, then our block heels are here to do the needful. You can also attend formal events in classic block heel pumps by pairing them with a linen shirt and black trousers. You can transition effortlessly by styling the same block heels with an elegant dress and a bracelet stack or your favourite earrings for an after-party. 

Office Glam – Get your work look on point with our block heel sandals. Pair them with your formal outfit, like a linen shirt and a black fitted skirt or trousers, and make a style statement even while working. For a semi-casual look, simply pair a shirt with blue denim pants and add some accessories like a necklace or some rings and a sling bag. 

Party Night – If you are a party person, our block heels are ready to join you! Dance all night in our most comfortable sandals. For your party nights, you can style the block heel sandals with a shimmer dress or a shimmer top and a mini skirt. Wrap your feet in comfort and style to be the life of the party. 

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Here are the Styles that You Should Definitely Add to Your Collection

The Bronzo Camel

Transform your winter style game with our Bronzo camel heeled boots. Crafted in premium PU material and featuring a 2-inch sturdy heel, these boots are ready to be your style partner. Add these chic ankle boots to your wardrobe and get noticed for your choice. Pair them with a brown knee-length dress and black stockings.

The Megan White

Our Megan white block sandals are ready to help you make a bold fashion statement. Featuring golden studs, a stylish square toe shape, and a sturdy 3-inch block heel, this chic pair will be your go-to for your outings. For a dinner date with your partner, style these heels with a white bodycon dress and some accessories.

The Barie Grey

Keep it simple yet stylish with our Barie grey sandals. This pair is a must-have for a comfortable daily look. Be it a hectic work week or relaxing weekends, these block heel sandals will always be by your side. For a weekend getaway, pair them with a grey crop-top, white denim shorts, and a bracelet stack.

The Maui Camel

Let your style speak for itself with our Maui camel sandals. Featuring a sturdy 2-inch block heel, a stylish round toe shape, and an adjustable strap at the back, this vegan-friendly pair is a must-have for a bold look. For a formal look, style these sandals with a beige blazer, a white inner top, black trousers, and a classic watch.

The Silo Gold

Our Silo gold block sandals will give your look an instant lift. Featuring a trendy square-toe shape, this pair ends your search for the perfect footwear for your special occasions. Style these heels with a gold shimmer dress and diamond stud earrings.

Pairing Block Heels With Different Outfits

Dresses – There are different types of dresses you can pair your block heels with flare dresses, midi dresses and off-shoulder dresses. Ideally, you can go for the style that you like and pair it with the block heel sandals. 

Pants & Trousers – For your formal look, pants and trousers make a great option to pair the block heels with. Whether it is an office party or a formal meeting, you can opt for neutral coloured block heels like white, beige, or black. 

Skirts – There are many options for skirts, like mini-skirts, long skirts, or normal length skirts. Floral printed skirts have been trending. You can pair your sandals with a floral skirt or a skirt and top set.

Co-ord Sets – Nowadays, co-ord sets have become quite popular in the clothing industry. From plain cotton co-ord sets to patterned styles, there are many types of co-ord sets. Pair our block heels with a co-ord set for a stylish look. 

All-Black Outfit – Whether it is a black jumpsuit or a black top with black jeans, you can never go wrong with this colour. It looks really sophisticated. When you style it with contrasting coloured sandals, it will make you look super chic.

Must-have Block Heel Styles

Classic Block Pumps - A pair of classic block heel pumps is a must-have. They will elevate your formal ensemble. At your next work meeting, style your outfit with our block heel pumps and feel confident. 

Strappy Sandals - Enhance your semi-formal look with a pair of strappy block heeled sandals. They are ideal for women with wide feet since the straps hide the width and make the feet look elegant. 

Ankle-length Boots - Flaunt your winter style with our ankle-length boots. This category has become quite famous lately, and it has been trending already. Let your block heeled ankle-length boots make some noise! 

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It’s time for you to experiment with your block heel sandals for different occasions. Whether it is a party night or an important work meeting, you can trust our block heels to elevate all your looks! 

We ensure that our customers upgrade their footwear collection with the latest styles without compromising on quality. Our footwear is designed by a team of experts and created from vegan-friendly materials. 

Start new trends this season by indulging in the shopping experience. Our website is easy-to-use, and we make sure that you have a smooth online ordering experience. Just be sure of your shoe size and select the style that you love. You can then place your order within a few minutes.