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How to style women’s sneakers for every occasion

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Are you planning to purchase a new pair of sneakers? Well, we don’t blame you because if one were to make a list of shoes that are pretty much all season, it would most certainly include sneakers – there is something super comfortable and versatile about this category of footwear. Not only do they keep the entirety of your feet protected, but they also often come with cushioning, which ensures comfort and care. However, for most people, sneakers are meant only for sporting needs or casual wear. 

Well, we at Tresmode, look at footwear as a style statement and an important accessory in creating that complete look, which is why we have mentioned ways for you to style footwear for almost every occasion, including sneakers.

Style women's sneakers for more occasions than one! 

Not every outfit needs a pair of heels, for many, a pair of sneakers are the best option – in the past few years, sneakers have become a style statement of its own and more and more women are looking to invest in quality versions, because they can be pretty versatile and well, they are generally quite comfortable too. 

Once upon a time, women's sneakers were only considered activewear; you would wear them while going to the gym or for a workout, but it would not have much other use. Eventually, it became a constant with denims and even casual trousers and today, women are choosing to wear sneakers with almost every attire.

Here are some ideas on how to style sneakers for a variety of occasions:

  • For the next time you go out shopping -  Whether it is about getting your athleisure look on point or going for a shopping day out, women are known for their multi-tasking! And we believe, the right pair of shoes can make it more convenient and comfortable for you to multi-task well! Choose your favourite relaxed organic tee, which you can team with shorts, denims or even joggers. Put on your favourite black sneakers, because black will go with pretty much every other colour and you are ready to go!

The Freetown Black Women's Sneakers

We suggest you pick our black sneakers, because these vegan-friendly shoes will offer you enhanced comfort without letting you compromise on style! The detailing on the sneakers will make sure that you get plenty of attention, when you are running around getting your checklist completed!

  • For that family picnic in the park – A family picnic is more than just about the food; it is about being with your family and loved ones and having a great time. Now, because you are outdoors and in a park, you might want to avoid white sneakers for women, because they can end up getting really dirty. However, something in a darker colour might be more up your alley, especially if you are planning to wear a darker coloured outfit. Your easy breezy polka-dotted dress might look all the way better with the perfect pair of sneakers!

The Freetown Blue Women's Sneakers

These simple and elegant sneakers will certainly become your favourites soon, because they fall under the darker colour-tone category and are also quite stylish, which makes them ideal for a Sunday outing. The pink colour that peeks through the design will add that splash of colour that will surely add that fun element to your outfit.

  • For that Sunday brunch with your besties – Sunday brunch is more than about food and drinks; it is also about spending some quality time with people who truly understand you, and then this is also the time when you are loading up on selfies and photos that you can post on social media. The next time you are heading off for your Sunday brunch, consider a cute little dress in a pastel colour and match it with something metallic to get your look on point!

The Nasseo Grey Women's Sneakers

If you take a look at our grey women's sneakers shoes, they will give you that ‘hint of understated’ look that will work oh-so perfectly for your Sunday brunch. Whether you are heading to your local hotel or a really fancy restaurant, these sneakers will ensure that you have comfort as well as style!

  • For casual Fridays at the office – Thank God it’s Friday! You have your favourite bootcut jeans and top ready and you are planning to layer it with a brand-new denim jacket. While you could always wear this outfit with heels, it will look so much cooler with sneakers; after all, it is a casual Friday, why dress up, when you can dress down?! Select a dark neutral coloured pair of sneakers like navy blue or black and you are all set to get the weekend started, while at work.

The Nasseo Blue Women's Sneakers

These classic kicks are designed to up your fashion game – whether you wear them to work or for a quick jog around the park, these sneakers are bound to keep your feet feeling comfortable, all day long. The white sole adds a lovely contrast and when you team these sneakers with your casual office wear, you can be certain that you will have a fashion-forward look.

  • For your dinner date – So, if you don’t like dolling up for your dinner dates; but still want to enjoy the time you have with your significant other, but they like to see you decked up. You can choose to balance it out! It’s quite simple – team your favourite little black dress with a pair of neon or at the least a truly vibrant pair of sneakers and you have a look that is stylish, yet laid back!

The Scot Green Women's Sneakers

We suggest our cool colour blocked sneakers, which come with a chunky heel and will go so adorably well with a pastel floral dress. These are truly women's fashion sneakers, because they are statement pieces. The fly-knit and synthetic upper sneakers come with a 3-inch platform height that is just what you need for your date night!


These are just some of the ideas that popped up in our mind, but how you choose to style your sneakers is completely up to you! Make your own style statements, every day, with Tresmode!