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Stay in Style with Men’s Shoes

If you are looking forward to upgrading your collection, our shoes are ready to do the needful! Get all set to flaunt your style in our trending shoes. Designed for modern men who are planning to keep it casual yet look stylish, our footwear is your answer. Whether you plan to go on a long drive or have to attend a very important boardroom meeting, our latest shoes for men will help you put all your looks together without letting you compromise on comfort.

Ways to keep your new stylish shoes clean

To ensure that you look stylish, the first and most important step is to certainly keep your shoes clean. Shoes tend to define your personality, and you certainly don’t want to look untidy. Here are some suggestions from us –

Polish Your Shoes

It is essential to polish your shoes because they not only look brand new but also make you feel confident when you walk into any room. Polish your shoes in circular movements.

Store them Properly

Whenever you aren’t wearing the shoes, make sure you store them in a shoe bag or a shoe box to keep them intact. This ensures that the shoes are in good condition and will look nice when stored properly.

Take Extra Care

It’s essential to take extra care like keeping the shoes away from sunlight. Especially if they are leather shoes, the sun’s heat can ruin the quality of the shoes, resulting in wear and tear.

Remove Dust and Dirt

If you notice any dust or dirt on the shoes after coming from outside, clean them right away with a damp cloth or a brush. Otherwise, if they are dirty, the dirt will settle on the shoes over time, making them look old and unappealing. 

Here are the latest shoes for men


You can count on our men’s loafer shoes to enhance your formal and semi-casual looks. These trending shoes for men are ready to add a classy touch to your everyday style. For a work meeting, pair them with a tailored shirt and trousers or chinos.

Driving Loafers 

Drive in style with our driving loafers for men. What makes these loafers different from the classic loafers are the rubber nubs, they offer a proper grip while driving. Nowadays, driving loafers are styled with everyday outfits for a semi-casual look. You can pair these shoes for men with a casual tee and a pair of shorts or denim pants.

Horse-bit Loafers 

This style features a horse-bit design, which makes it a bit different from the normal loafers. Those who want to add an elegant touch to their style can certainly opt for a pair of horse-bit loafers. Style them with a formal outfit like a shirt and trousers or a suit for a corporate meeting.


Whether it is a pair of oxford or brogue lace-ups, they are ready to make you look super sleek wherever you go! Crafted in premium leather, these men’s stylish shoes are ideal for a formal event or a boardroom meeting. Elevate your formal attire by styling it with the right pair of men’s lace-ups shoes

Oxford Lace-Ups

Oxford lace-ups are essential in every man’s wardrobe. According to research, the classic oxford design makes these shoes the most preferred choice of footwear for a formal look. Elevate your formal fashion by adding a pair of oxford lace-ups to your collection. For a dapper look, style them with a classic shirt and trousers.

Brogue Lace-Ups 

These types of lace-ups have a brogue cap toe, which offers an added appeal, ensuring a great first impression for anyone who wears them. This timeless style has been popular for quite a few years and continues to be known for its unique designs. You can style a pair of brogue lace-ups with a collar shirt and trousers or chinos.

Buckles & Monks

Buckle shoes and double monks are for those men who are looking for the perfect balance between sophistication and practicality. These trending shoes will make you stand out from the crowd. Simply pair them with your formals for a dapper look.


Sneakers are famous for adding a versatile touch to the entire look, as they are available in so many designs and colours. Upgrade your semi-casual and casual looks by adding a pair of latest shoes for men to your collection. You can easily team them with a polo t-shirt and pants.

How to look sharp with our trending shoes?

Every man wants to look sharp, but let us further understand the different ways to pick the right style to leave a lasting style impact. Upgrade your formal and casual fashion game effortlessly by keeping these points in mind –

Modern Design

Although it is great to embrace a certain type of style, it is also important to stay on par with modern trends. In the footwear fashion industry, styles are constantly evolving. If you want to stay style-relevant, then make sure to add the trending shoes for men to your collection.

Never Settle For Less

Remind yourself that you deserve the best, and for that, you need to never settle for less!  Walk like the world is your runway in our ultimate premium shoes for men. After all, no one regrets shopping for a pair of new shoes, do they?

Opt For Trendy Styles

It is never too late to experiment and select styles that are outside of your comfort zone. You never know what might complement your look and you could discover your new favourites soon. So, go for that trendy style that you are worried to try.

Stand Out From the Crowd

By ‘stand out from the crowd,’ we don’t mean wear orange shoes and go for a meeting because that won’t make any sense. Don’t try to fit in because of peer pressure. Rather, stand out for your style and elegance. Take that risk, because it might be worth it.


At Tresmode, our aim is to ensure that we offer good quality, the latest styles, and extreme comfort. Elevate your fashion game with the right pair of shoes. Make sure you take each step in the most stylish way with our men’s trending shoes. We try our best to bring the best styles to you. If you are someone who enjoys shopping in-person, you can visit our stores to get a better idea of our collection.