How to style women's loafers for the office?

How to style women's loafers for the office?

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Here’s how you can choose to style different types of loafers 

Is work mode on? Be it the finance sector or the influencer industry, women are not behind anymore! Their hustle speaks for itself, and each step forward is a milestone.

Hey ladies, if you are ready to up your style game at the office. Let’s dive right in and understand the different footwear options available that can be paired with your formal and semi-formal attire. 

Whether you are in a hybrid work situation or working from the office completely, styling plays a huge role in the way people perceive you. Work in style and walk in confidence!

Mondays are for modern styles –

On Mondays, get ready to get into the work mode. Returning from your weekend wonderland can get tough, especially when you might have never ending emails to reply to, but you can ace your look at least.

The Helsi Beige

Elevate your look with our Helsi beige loafers for women . Blending fashion and functionality effortlessly, this pair is the one you can’t miss out on. For your Monday look, team these stylish formal loafers for women with a beige shirt, grey trousers, and a pendant necklace.

Tuesdays are for timeless loafers –

Hang in there. While you might be in love with your work, take that chance to experiment with your look in a pair of timeless loafers to enhance your style. Our Sigor black women’s loafers are here to do exactly that.

The Sigor Black

Revamp your fashion game with our Sigor black! Famous for striking the perfect balance between style and elegance, these loafers are ideal for that perfect formal look. Pair them with a black co-ord set and diamond stud earrings for a comfortable and stylish look.

Wednesdays are for a semi-formal style –

For your Wednesday look, you can choose to keep it semi-formal by simply styling a shirt with a pair of denim pants or comfortable palazzos. Deal with the mid-week blues in style.

The Snap White

Put your look together with our Snap white loafers for women. Designed for modern women who are ambitious yet stylish, these loafers will add elegance to your sense of fashion. Pair these loafers with a white shirt and blue bell-bottom denims.

Thursdays are for keeping it low-key –

Keep it simple yet stylish on a Thursday at work. You might be getting into the weekend mood already, but there’s still time, and so you can style your shoes with a minimal outfit.

The Angelus Pink

These loafers will be your ideal style partner for your work meeting. Featuring a modern design and blending fashion and comfort, these loafer shoes are a must-have. Pair these loafers with a cute pink dress and a classic watch.

Fridays are for a laid-back look –

Thank God it’s Friday?! Yeah, we get it. Compared to other days, where you are running from one thing to another, Fridays are slow, so you can opt for a laid-back look and plan to go to a party directly after work.

The Bonum Beige

Make a style statement without putting in a lot of effort by adding our Bonum beige to your collection. Designed by keeping modern trends in mind, these casual women’s loafers offer style and comfort, both. For a laid-back look, pair these loafer shoes with a beige top, a denim jacket, and denim jeans. 

Now that you are aware of the different ways to style your loafers, make a style statement in them! You can also experiment with your outfits and mix and match them according to your preferences. Our collection for women also includes flats, heels, sneakers, and wedges for casual wear as well as for your outings. 


We have covered the various ways in which you can style different types of loafers at work. However, there’s no need for you to strictly follow this guide. You can also wear these Tresmode loafers during the weekends for a getaway or a casual day out with your girl gang.

These elegant and stylish loafers are suitable for everyday style. You can dress it up or keep it low-key according to your mood and fashion. Make a statement with the right pair of loafers for women. At the end of the day, all you need is to feel and look great in what you wear.